Seattle Weekly 2015 Parade Pictures


Check out these great pictures from the 2015 Fremont Solstice Parade by the Seattle Weekly!


2015 Parade Thank You!

Untitled drawing (2)

Thank you one and all, for your help in making this year’s Solstice Parade a wonderful, visually delightful, great sounding, wacky, thought-provoking shared memory.

So many people stepped up to the plate in amazing and heart felt ways this year.

Big Thanks to our volunteers who made everything happen so seemlessly, there is NO way we could have accomplished this without you. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

Thank you Brooks Running for donating the double decker bus to us to fundraiser and big thanks to Outlander for purchasing it!

Thank you to BABETTE’S EVENTS for putting together our Parade Fundraiser RAIN N MEN.

The parade COULD NOT function without the generous donations of our community
sponsors. Patronize their businesses and don’t forget to thank them for supporting this event!

Thank you to:

Carl Smool for showing up and inspiring so many, generously sharing your skills
Brent McDonald for earning rookie-of-the-year
Janelle Campoverde and Cameron Mason, for opening hearts with the kick-ass opening ensemble
Buster Simpson, for making us ponder
Denise Henirkson and Peter Weston, for giving us hope with the waving Salmon and Kayak-tivists
Steffon Moody, and the Giant Family’s Human Soup for providing belly-laughing fun
Iggy Green and Mylinda Sneed’s Cake Walk of tarty delight, with a Brian Kooser cameo
The Shamaniacs, laying down the groove one more time
Maque DaVis and Norma Baum, for giving us some Louco Cubism and art homage
Nikki Frumkin’s much-used Art Cube at Gas Works

And Sharkanado, and Sasquatch, and Honk! FestWest and the mega closing Samba band, and, and, and…

What a great year!!

The volunteer list and staff support goes on and on too. Christie Wolf and Chuck Harrison leading the Green Hat. Christy Smith and Jen Bay, nearly always at the Powerhouse.

Leslie Zenz, director, great job commandeering your support crew!
Cheyanne Warre, Ricky Gene Powell, Shawn Murphy, Linda Hanlon, Al Parisi, Angela Parisi, David Marine, Hanako O’Leary, Jeff Pierce, Lydia Minehan-Tubic, and Casey Ruff.

Along with a very honorable mention to Mike Clark and Maque DaVis and Cousin Kenny for doing the moving, hauling, thankless tasks.

And the MC’s, our own Peter Toms, Ricky Gene (double-dipping), Harper Harper, and Charles Hadrann. Plus the rest of the Fremont Arts Council board, Rodman Miller for organizing food donations, Kudra Miglaccio for the fantastic fantastic-ness of the Solstice Cyclists, Francis Attanasio for keeping our books tidy, and to Jerry Smith for coordinating the Green Hat (and that special tie to Stone Way Hardward.)

All together, we made a wondrous thing happen. Especially with help from our sponsors, and the great event for the Parade that Babette’s Events produced in May.

Let’s do it again!

Parade Appreciation Party!


It’s time to bask in the glow of the fantastic fun we had on Saturday! What a Parade it was. We will host a potluck, picture and appreciation party this Friday night at the Doric Lodge. Bring a flash drive of your pictures from the parade!

This Friday, June 26th from 7Pm-9PM
Doric Masonic Temple
619 N 36th St
Seattle, WA 98103
Everyone is welcome to attend.

{Photo by SC Brown 2014}