On the heels of the joyful & exuberant Fremont Solstice Parade, the Fremont Arts Council will celebrate the autumnal equinox on September 21st, 2016 with the sweet & illuminating ‘Luminata’ lantern parade around Green Lake Park in Seattle. Many traditions around the world recognize the last days of the productive summer are about to shift into the dark and introspective time of winter. Lanterns are a beautiful symbol of our spirit as a community that will sustain us through the cold months.

We are offering art grants to those who want to jump in and get creative! Info available on this page: art grants.

We meet at dusk around 7pm at the Boat House on the South shores of Green Lake Park. Hand made lanterns will be for sale. The lantern procession will proceed clockwise around the lake from the boat house/bleachers on the SW corner, heading North to the Bathhouse. (This is the short way to the Bathhouse). Near the Bathhouse, join us for the Secret Banquet. There will be more art, live music, and hot cider.

Things to bring:  Drums, instruments, Blinky lighted costumes, lighted umbrellas, stilts, fun costumes and comfortable walking shoes! (No fire or flames, please.)

Luminata Public Art Workshops are happening at the Powerhouse. Come down and make one for yourself, and help make more to sell at the event on Sept. 21st. All proceeds will benefit the Fremont Arts Council. Come down and say hello. It’s going to be light work, so a good time to connect. We also appreciate supply donations: namely transparent or semi-transparent handmade paper, jars with wide mouths, decorative garden sticks/thin and gnarly branches. Check out the calendar here: Luminata Public Art Workshops

Volunteers are wanted to help with various tasks – this event is simple to put on, but there’s always stuff to do – we need help now with art workshops and day of the event help with setting up, serving treats, selling lanterns, and break-down & clean-up. Visit our volunteer page for more info!