Become a Member

The Fremont Arts Council is a volunteer-driven non-profit that builds community year-round with creative endeavors and seasonal celebrations.   We encourage members to volunteer and become part of these celebrations.  We hope you will be inspired to make a gift in addition to your membership.

Current members will:

  • Join a broad and diverse network of people who build community through the art-making process.
  • Stay informed about our current events (be sure to provide your e-mail address!)
  • Receive an invitation to participate in our Winter Solstice Feast.
  • Have access to the Powerhouse, Fremont Arts Council’s community art studio.
  • Know that they’re supporting community-based art in the greater Seattle area.

*Note, individual and family memberships normally are not tax-deductible.   If you’d prefer to donate to the Fremont Arts Council and receive your tax deduction, click here.    Even better, do both!

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{Photo by R. Falk 2013}