Luminata Art Grants 2017

Fremont Arts Council’s

2017 Luminata Art Grants

Deadline:   Friday, August 18h, 2017, by midnight

The Luminata Art Grant Fund supports the development of art and performance for Luminata Lantern Festival held at Green Lake Park, Thursday, September 21st, on the evening of the Autumnal Equinox.

Luminata is production of the Fremont Arts Council (FAC), a community-based celebration arts organization. We value volunteer-ism; community participation; inclusiveness, artistic expression; and the sharing of arts skills.

Luminata Lantern Festival is the Fall event of the FAC. We celebrate the season of balance, the solar autumn equinox with a gathering of community for a lantern procession around Green Lake Park. The procession culminates with more art, live acoustic music and hot cider. Luminata is a family friendly, nighttime event from 7:00PM- 10:00PM.

In an age of mass culture, a special kind of courage is needed to bring creative self-expression into the public arena. To support this artistic courage, the FAC has created the Luminata Art Grant Fund is to support artists in their efforts to create inspirational illuminated artwork to the public as we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox.

Green Lake Park is a beautiful urban park with a meandering path around a large lake. The Art Council encourages artists to consider the park field clearings, trees, and lake along the procession route for illuminated art installations.

Please consider this:

  • There will be no AC electricity available. We will consider quiet generator power only.
  • While candles are OK to use for individual lanterns, larger installation work should NOT use candles for illumination.
  • The FAC will not be permitted for fire or any open flame activities in 2016. Any proposals inclusive of fire must provide their own professional fire certificate; permits; and insurance to be accepted.
  • Luminata is a rain or shine event. All artwork must be designed to withstand inclement weather.
  • Interactive installations are encouraged.
  • Artists are responsible for all set-up and strike of their work.
  • Set-up can begin as early as 12PM, and must be deconstructed by 11PM, on Wednesday the 21st.
  • There are areas of some diffused ambient light around the pathway of the procession, but it can be very dark in other places. Please consider the impact of your work and provide for enough illumination to achieve maximum effect at night.

Applicants: Any artist or artist group who has a vision for something awesome they want to bring to life in front of hundreds of people should send us their proposal. A Federal form W-9 will be required for payment of grant funds in any amount.

Grant Funds: The Luminata Art Grant Fund will provide funding for projects ranging in scale from $100 to $500.  Grant funds may be used for artists’ fees, materials and supplies, equipment purchase or rental, travel and transportation. Existing artwork can be re-mounted for exhibition.   

Grant funds may NOT be used to stage fundraising events; for project expenses that occur prior to or after the project dates; or for operating costs not directly associated with the parade project.

Selection:  A selection committee composed of FAC members will review applications and make awards the following Monday, August 21st. This is an open competitive process and, unfortunately, not every applicant will receive funding.

Special consideration given to:

  • Inspired illuminated artwork.
  • Innovative use of lighting technology
  • First time FAC grant applicants
  • Creating the project at the Powerhouse community art studio
  • Leading a public workshop in the production of artwork
  • Use of repurposed materials
  • Kinetic movement
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration (i.e., dance and visual arts)

To Apply:     Luminata Art Grant Application

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