Volunteer Opportunities

Our core value is based on community volunteer participation.  We encourage the sharing of arts skills through various creative mediums that add to the celebratory nature of our events.

Volunteer opportunities are available year round and a great way to meet others interested in making Art & building community?  If this sounds interesting this might be the place for you!  We have opportunities for everyone to get involved.  Many are listed below and perhaps you have a special skill or talent that would benefit our community?   For ways to be involved or to express interest in one of these volunteer opportunities, please email us  or attend a Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Powerhouse.

Winter Feast needs multiple hands to build the site into a beautiful gathering place.  We need everything from electricians, painters, designers, stage hands, artists, tea servers, visionaries, greeters, security, haulers, organizers and much more.  The build for this event is one of the best ways to collaborate with other creative thinkers! We have a lot of fun!

May Day needs volunteers for various tasks including the set up of our site at Woodland park, help with teaching Maypole dance steps, ritual leaders, fire tenders, wood collectors, food creators, and a few other hands for anything that comes up.

Fremont Solstice Parade is created & facilitated from a wide array of fantastic volunteers.  You can see an entire list of volunteer opportunities in another section of this website, too many to list.  This is one of our biggest events of the year and there are unlimited opportunities to get involved with the community at large.

Luminata is celebrated on the Autumnal equinox. Volunteers help with various tasks including the decorating & sales of lanterns, site logistics & set up for the banquet, serving treats, clean up and of course musical and creative talent!  If you’ve been shy about being creative the lantern making workshops weeks before are a great way to ease into your special talents.

Trolloween: is a theatrical production that takes place at the Hall of Giants with our dearly beloved Troll.  There is giant puppetry created, all kinds of stage props to ring in the day of our dead.  Costumes are a must and after the performance a parade in and around Fremont happens complete with musical accompaniment, celebration and laughter.

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