Parade Line-Up 2017

Check out the fabulous ensembles that have signed up so far! Register for the parade and join in the fun!

  • Black Snake A large parade puppet and vivid metaphor for the four different oil pipelines that have recently been approved for construction by the US and Canadian governments.
  • Capital Hill Dance/BaDi: We are a diverse group of women and men from around the Seattle area who love to dance. Many of us are members of the fabulous BaDi community at Dance Underground in Capitol Hill. We dance to bring more joy, love, and acceptance to the world! **(open to new people)
  • Dancing Butterflies from Around the World: Ms. Fawnia’s Ballet Students from North Seattle Community Centers
  • Birthdays: Our Beginning brings you Birthdays! We Love Celebrating Life Everyday. Have some cake!
  • Boot Boogie Babes: Seattle’s Line Dance Team and are led by choreographer DeAnna Lee from 941 KMPS. They’ve opened shows for Justin Moore, performed live with Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter Tayla Lynn.
  • Fremont Drum: Hand Drummer Troupe
  • GiraSol (JEE-ra-sol): A tradition in the Fremont Solstice Parade since 1994, dancing samba and embodying the joyful celebration of life that is the Brazilian Carnaval! This year their theme is: Our Gorgeous Mosaic of Humanity.
  • One Love: an engaging street band – tuba, horns & percussion – playing music of planet earth.
  • Peacocks: Giant peacock puppets. Brought to you from Procession of the Species. **(Looking for volunteers)
  • Pegasus A winged Pegasus horse and a dragon created around two 3 wheel bicycles, connected in tandem with moving legs and wings.
  • Pink Lady: Body Pink with fresh flowers all over body to celebrate Summer
  • Rainbow City Band: Performing Arts provides opportunities for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied to share their musical talents through public performances. We foster music education, friendships and community giving.
  • Samba OlyWa: Grovvin’ community Brazilian group
  • SunCloud by the Seattle Design Nerds: Suncloud takes Seattle’s most misunderstood resident (the raincloud) a solstice makeover. Instead of water this cloud rains down rays of silver and gold along w/ tiny clouds that are just looking for your hugs
  • Sugar Plum Fairies: Frolicking and sharing sweet tiding with everyone they meet!
  • The GREAT Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Sculputre Race: Kinetic Sculptures that can traverse mud, sand, water and street courses, this years race in Port Townsend is October 7 & 8th, with costumed Rosehips Ball on Saturday, Oct. 7th.
  • Vamola: Bloco Pacifico: A Carnival-style, Brazilian drum & dance group, made up of ‘Community Samba’ bands from three states and Canada. They gather each year specifically for this parade. 2017 marks the 5th consecutive time they’ve led our parade. **(open to new people)
  • Yasno Leto A kokoshnik to honor the four seasons and the artists Russian heritage. The group will have 4 performers pose as each of the four seasons. Each season will have a custom-made headdress created of lightweight foam, hand-felted wool elements, and found object that will represent the offerings of their time-period.