Powerhouse Use

The Power House is located in the neighborhood of Fremont, the Center of the Universe, Seattle, WA, USA.  It is a shared studio space for our community celebration art events, public art projects and workshops, and in off season times a space for use by our members to invite our community to create community art.

Become a member of the Fremont Arts Council.   Every membership helps to pay for our overhead and the materials we all have free access to.  It's great to be part of and support a truly unique experiment in creative community celebration.

As a member of the Fremont Arts Council you have the benefit of using the Power House as a studio space for public art projects. To ensure that the facilities are kept in good standing we’ve created a few guidelines for use.


Everyone should have a personal on site orientation at their first visit.   You will be informed about our safety procedures and responsible care of the space, tools, materials and each other.   We also let you know where all the best stuff is, and how to donate more best stuff!  Let us know that you would like an orientation when you drop by, or schedule one with: powerhouse@fremontartscouncil.org.

How to Schedule time in the Power House

Keep in mind that this is an open public studio. At any time you may be sharing this space with others. If there are specific times you’d like to use the space, please schedule at: powerhouse@fremontartscouncil.org.


All materials on hand at the Power House have been donated. If you use all or most of something for a project you are working on, please replace this or donate funds so we can replace materials used.  Our motto is Reuse-Repurpose-Recycle.   Check out our Wish List of supplies needed


No tools are to be taken from the space. Once finished with your tools please put them back in their home.


Your mother cannot come and clean up after you, we expect you to keep this studio clean & organized! Clean up after yourself and anyone else who has used the space and not done so. As a steward of the space you are responsible for keeping it orderly & tidy. This includes covering tables you are working on to keep surfaces clean, and wiping up any spills, or drips (yes even paint drips!).


If you are in the middle of a project and it is in a state that cannot be moved easily, you may store it on the project shelves. These are the silver wire rolling shelves that have tags delineating that they are for in process projects. Items left in other areas of the studio may be perceived as “up for grabs” or donated, and may get used for other projects.
**Please note that if you are asked to leave or cease use of the space by the Fremont Arts Council, it's Board of Directors or employees, your membership status has no bearing on use of the facilities.

Can I use the Powerhouse for a private event?

We are always willing to share our community space for any public art workshop, performance, or event ideas you can dream up! However, the event must be open to our FAC community, the space cannot be used for commercial purposes, and no alcohol is allowed on site. Contact powerhouse@fremontartscouncil.org to make your dream a reality!

{Photo by D. Valente 2012}