Trolloween is the birthday party for the Fremont Troll. The celebration party starts at 7 PM sharp on HALLOWEEN OCTOBER 31ST, and after the performance, marches away through the community en mass. The Fremont Arts Council conducted a public offering of several designs at the Fremont Street Fair early that year in 1990. Out of the five miniature replicates of each proposal, the Fremont Troll won handily.The design team was composed of four local artists: Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead.Many members of the community were invited to help build the sculpture.

Trolloween’s performances have included variety/comedy shows, dramas of trolls, musicals about trolls, greek myths, Dr. Faust, Dante’s Inferno, Scottish folktales, and Don Juan. With comedy, drama, dance, songs, and special effects, a fractured version is emerge again to entertain the many masked and costumed attendees. A costume walk over the stage will occur before the annual Haunt of Fremont, a march around Fremont with a band and all of us in outrageous costumes.

Come before 7 Pm and march away by 8 PM with us, or be left in the settling dust and lingering sounds of our rebellious laughter.

And join us after the procession for TROLL-A-GOGO, a Fun-raiser for the Fremont Arts Council. Join us at Fremont Doric Hall at 619 N 36th St for a costume contest and dance party! Music by Legendary Tiny Giants and a bar featuring OUTLANDER BREWING! It's free for FAC members and Troll-o-ween volunteers and $5 for public. Become a member HERE.

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