Trolloween is the birthday party for the Fremont Troll. The celebration party starts at 7 PM sharp on HALLOWEEN OCTOBER 31ST, and after the performance, marches away through the community en mass.

Trolloween’s performances have included variety/comedy shows, dramas of trolls, musicals about trolls, greek myths, Dr. Faust, Dante’s Inferno, Scottish folktales, and Don Juan. With comedy, drama, dance, songs, and special effects, a fractured version is emerge again to entertain the many masked and costumed attendees. A costume walk over the stage will occur before the annual Haunt of Fremont, a march around Fremont with a band and all of us in outrageous costumes.

Come before 7 Pm and march away by 8 PM with us, or be left in the settling dust and lingering sounds of our rebellious laughter.

And join us after the procession for TROLL-A-GOGO, a Fun-raiser for the Fremont Arts Council. Join us at Fremont Doric Hall at 619 N 36th St for a costume contest and dance party!

Visit our volunteer page at or Email to get involved!