2017 McKay Grant Artists

The Fremont Arts Council is excited to announce our 2017 McKay Grant Artists!

Amaze of Color
Project Director: Elise Koncsek
Amaze of Color is a free-standing immersive maze of bright and flowing semi-transparent walls.

Black Snake
Project Director: Craig Jacobrown
A small group of environmental activists will create a large parade puppet of a black snake that could be used as a vivid symbol and metaphor for the four different oil pipelines that have recently been approved for construction by the US and Canadian governments.

Bloco Pacifico
Project Director: Jack Hart
Bloco Pacifico is a Brazilian music and dance collective. They play Community Samba; a world-wide, musical, artistic and cultural movement based on the principles of openness, inclusion, diversity, cultural identity, generous hospitality and a mutual love of Brazilian-based rhythms, dance and song. Bloco Pacifico’s theme for 2017 is ‘The Wild March of Scientific Discovery.’ Through music, dance, clever props and wildly-creative costumery, the band is cooking up ways to comically demonstrate the promises and risks of bold, scientific discovery. In a phrase, they plan to ‘geek-it-up’ poking fun at the eccentricities of discovery. Although there is much to draw from in current times, they won’t hesitate to borrow from classic science fiction, just for fun.

Project Director: Janelle Keane Campoverde
GiraSol is a joyous, vibrant presence that fills the street with celebration, color, dance, and song in the tradition of Brazilian Carnival. Behind the scenes, GiraSol is a multi-layered artistic collective, made up of textile/costume artists, visual/float artists, musicians, and a broad spectrum of dancers. Each year they welcome beginner dancers to join and learn. Their theme is “Mosaic of Humanity.” This theme reflects the group, which has diversity in gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, size, shape and skill. We each present different aspects of the human race. In addition, we display all aspects of humanness—benevolence, compassion, kindness, beauty, grace and vitality.

Junk Chime
Project Director: Benson Smith
This project will invite the people of Seattle to commune together rhythmically and musically on the Junk Chime! The Junk Chime is a large percussion instrument made from recycled metal objects selected and hung for their unique and wonderful tones from a wheeled superstructure. It is designed to be performed on by members of the public, using special chopsticks padded with duct tape.

Project Director: John Culp
This is a winged Pegasus horse bicycle float. To be added to the ensemble will be a dragon or perhaps multi-headed animal such as a chimera. This would be created around two 3 wheel bicycles. They will be connected like a tandem bike and have moving legs and wings. John’s idea is for the dragon to ride first and John in pursuit with his Pegasus.

Sun Cloud
Project Director: Trevor Dykstra
The Seattle Design Nerds are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to making exciting things for the public that can be experienced in unexpected locations and ways.
They would like to improve on the Hover Blubber piece from last year. They are calling this inflatable piece “the SunCloud”, a cloud that rains rays of light down on the parade rather than water. It illustrates their efforts to find something wonderful in any place or situation in keeping with the group’s motto: We’re here to make Seattle (more) awesome.

Yasno Leto
Project Director: Sofia Babaeva
Sofia will create a kokoshnik to honor the four seasons and her Russian heritage. The group will have 4 performers pose as each of the four seasons. Each season will have a custom-made headdress created of lightweight foam, hand-felted wool elements, and found object that will represent the offerings of their time-period.

{photo P. Hunsberger 2014}