2017 Parade Line Up

Fremont Solstice Parade
Saturday June 17, 2017: Earlier start time this year: 1 PM

The Fremont Solstice Parade’s unique character is defined by a few simple rules:
☼ No printed words or logos
☼ No live animals (except guide animals):
☼ No motorized vehicles: We allow motorized vehicles for handicapped access only. Our parade is a human-powered parade!
☼ No actual weapons or fire: Safety first!

2017 Fremont Solstice Parade Line-up

  • Bloco Pacifico: A Carnival-style, Brazilian drum & dance group, made up of ‘Community Samba’ bands from three states and Canada. They gather each year specifically for this parade. 2017 marks the 5th consecutive time they’ve led our parade. **(open to new people)
  • Dahlia: On Deck is the Great Pacific Northwest’s premier dance troupe that practices a very specialized style of West Coast Tribal Belly Dance called, Improvisational Tribal Style, or, I.T.S. Dahlia is so proud and grateful to represent this year!
  • Green Hat: Support the Fremont Solstice Parade! Drop $10 in the Green Hat and see how good you feel!
  • Pink Lady: Body Pink with fresh flowers all over body to celebrate Summer
  • B.F. Day Sun Dragons: B.F. day students and their friends and families with dragon costumes and two 40 foot long dragons that they will carry and puppeteer. The dragons are decorated with 300 hand detailed scales that were made by each student in the school!
  • Be Labor the Point: A bright and shiny space alien from Port Townsend.
  • Tiny Story: A tiny child tries to get adults to listen.
  • Honk All Stars
  • Rump Is not a puppet
  • Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: the Abbey of St. Joan are Seattle’s chapter of the an order that is worldwide! They are celebrating their 20th year of spreading joy and banishing needless guilt and look forward to many more years serving you!
  • Seattle Video Game Orchestra and Choir: The ensemble primarily plays orchestral and multi-genre variations of popular and indie video game music. The group allows members of all musical backgrounds to perform, participate.
  • Wallingford Indivisible: Earth Beachballs, stiltwalker and other fun stuff.
  • Robot & Rodent Re-evaluation; the Human Hamster Wheel: What happens when you are spinning your wheels in the rat race? We go robot!
  • BaDi Dancers: We are a diverse group of women and men from around the Seattle area who love to dance. Many of us are members of the fabulous BaDi community at Dance Underground in Capitol Hill. We dance to bring more joy, love, and acceptance to the world! **(open to new people)
  • Chicken in Suspense: Johnny Jetpack presents: A chicken costume is operating the world’s only “adult” baby walker.
  • Fremont Drum: Presenting the Rhythm Garden A collective of drummers playing original compositions inspired by West African and Afro-Caribbean rhythms.
  • Dancing Butterflies from Around the World: Dancing Butterflies in the Rhythm Garden with Zum Zum Zum and Fremont Drummers
  • Birthdays! Celebrating Life!: Our Beginning brings you Birthdays! We Love Celebrating Life Everyday. Have some cake!
  • Paris Climate Dis-cord: Standing atop the Eiffel tower, the idiot currently living in the White House tries and fails to protect himself from the swirl of flying windmills and solar collectors coming his way. Who will win this battle, the idiot or the climate?
  • Backbone Campaign “Protect What You Love”: Backbone Volunteers have hand painted & stitched the inflatable puppets & imagery you see before you. Symbolizing that which we love about the Puget sound & a habitable biosphere, we urge you to join us to joyously Protect What You Love! Backbone Campaign builds power for “We the People” with bold, beautiful & energizing Artful Activism.
  • Pegasus A winged Pegasus horse and a dragon created around two 3 wheel bicycles, connected in tandem with moving legs and wings.
  • Wolf Pack: Our dear friend, Evan, is getting married. Evan loves animals, especially canines. We want to celebrate him by celebrating dogs, wolves, foxes and all of the members of the canine family. No live animals/pets/real wolves will participate.
  • Rainbow City Band: Performing Arts provides opportunities for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied to share their musical talents through public performances. We foster music education, friendships and community giving.
  • Pigs with Wigs Family Pignic: Celebrates pignicing on Parade. Eating, drinking and napping as we watch the unique offerings of Fremont family fun.
  • Boot Boogie Babes: Seattle’s Line Dance Team and are led by choreographer DeAnna Lee from 941 KMPS. They’ve opened shows for Justin Moore, performed live with Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter Tayla Lynn.
  • Black Snake A large parade puppet and vivid metaphor for the four different oil pipelines that have recently been approved for construction by the US and Canadian governments.
  • SunCloud by the Seattle Design Nerds: Suncloud takes Seattle’s most misunderstood resident (the raincloud) a solstice makeover. Instead of water this cloud rains down rays of silver and gold along w/ tiny clouds that are just looking for your hugs
  • Samba OlyWa: Grovvin’ community Brazilian group
  • Yasno Leto A kokoshnik to honor the four seasons and the artists Russian heritage. The group will have 4 performers pose as each of the four seasons. Each season will have a custom-made headdress created of lightweight foam, hand-felted wool elements, and found object that will represent the offerings of their time-period.
  • Paulie G: A symbolic statement on the state of the union.
  • Putti’s on Parade: Putti’s (often misdiagnosed as cherubs or flying babies) fly formations, strafe and generally create mayhem among a city street and a group of statues who just want to be left alone. You can tell they studied the formations of geese and the blue angels … just not very hard.. These flying babies litter the paintings of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. But sometimes they run amok. Who thought diaper-less flying babies was a good idea? A Pantheon gazebo with working water features enhances the scene.
  • Daydream Believers: Spreading solstice salutations with good cheer, unicorns and soapy bubbles.
  • Westcoast Kickball – Space Aliens: This is the 15th season of the Westcoast Kickball League! Each year teams pick a new theme and play each game in costume. We only have 10 teams, but we have more fun than anyone!
  • Ra Hoor Crewe: An occult fraternity dedicated to celebrating the freedom and divinity of all individuals under the supreme law of “Do what thou wilt”. Ecstatic Thelemites dedicated to Life, Light, Love and Liberty!
  • Pastafarians: We will march with the flying Spaghetti monster
  • The GREAT Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Sculpture Race: Kinetic Sculptures that can traverse mud, sand, water and street courses.
  • GiraSol–Brazilian Samba Dance(JEE-ra-sol): A tradition in the Fremont Solstice Parade since 1994, dancing samba and embodying the joyful celebration of life that is the Brazilian Carnaval! This year their theme is: Our Gorgeous Mosaic of Humanity.

{photo S. Brown, 2014}

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