Call for Artists – Feast of the Winter Solstice

Fremont Arts Council’s

Feast of the Winter Solstice

2016 Call for Artists

Deadline:   Friday, December 9th, 2016, by midnight

Feast Event Details:  Feast of the Winter Solstice

Event date: December 21, 2016.

The Fremont Arts Council invites artists to propose art installations and performance for the Feast of the Winter Solstice. Some funds are available to reimburse expenses to support artists to create inspirational artwork for this event as we come together to engage in reflection, artistic expression and community.

Please consider this:

    • There will be AC electricity available.
    • Installation work should NOT use candles for illumination.
    • The FAC will not be permitted for fire or any open flame activities in 2016. Any proposals inclusive of fire must provide their own professional fire certificate; permits; and insurance to be accepted.
    • There is space outside for art installations as well. Some of this space will be covered. Please indicate if your artwork is or could be designed to withstand inclement weather.
    • Interactive installations are encouraged.
    • Artists are responsible for all set-up and strike of their work.
    • Set-up can begin as early as Thursday Dec. 15th, and artwork must be deconstructed and removed by 8PM, on Thursday December 22nd.
    • Please consider the impact of your work and provide for enough illumination to achieve maximum effect at night.

    Applicants: Any artist or artist group who has a vision for something awesome they want to bring to life in front of hundreds of people should send us their proposal.

    Funds Available: The Fremont Arts Council will provide expense reimbursements for materials and supplies for an agreed upon budget up to $250.  Reimbursements may NOT be used for project expenses that occur prior to or after the project dates; or for costs not directly associated with the feast project.  Selected applicants will also receive two free admissions to the guest list for the event.

    Selection:  A selection committee composed of FAC members will review applications and make selections and notify artists the following Monday, December 12th.

    To Apply:    

    • All applications MUST be received by e-mail by Midnight, Friday, December 9, 2016.    (Late applications may be approved depending on space and funds available).
    •  Please answer the questions in the application below. Please limit your answers to these questions to three pages. 
    • Along with this application, please submit:

    Sketches: A picture is worth a thousand words. Drawings or photos of your project or installation are helpful. Be sure to indicate the size of the footprint.

    Budget: Please include as detailed of a budget as possible of estimated costs/expenditures for your ensemble/project. Is this project amenable to partial funding?

    Examples: Any artwork, press, images or recordings that will support your application. Please consider reducing the file size of any electronically sent files.

    Bios or resumes of key artistic personnel


    1. Contact Information:
    • Project Title:
    • Project Director/Contact Person:
    • Address
    • Email
    • Telephone
    1. Narrative: Write a short narrative describing your proposed project. Is this an installation, or moving sculpture, or performance? Describe your intention or theme; What does it look like; what will people see or do? Does your project include music or sound?; Will there be audience participation/interaction? Please note if you have a preference for a site or a type of site.   Could this be built outside?
    1. Timeline and Execution:P lease provide a timeline of your project for building and set-up. Describe how you will accomplish your project? Talk about the aesthetic impact, structure, and how your project is designed for transport and set-up/take-down in a narrow window. Has it been designed with safety in mind? Can you find enough people to assist with building? What considerations/needs are there in terms of where to locate this installation)? Please describe your set and strike plans. What is your transportation plan?
    1. Workspace: Do you plan on using the Fremont Arts Council’s Powerhouse Community Art Studio to create your project? If so, please describe what your workspace needs will be (days/times/activities.)
    1. People: Do you plan to use public volunteers in creating your project? What skills are needed to work on this project? Can you find enough people to populate your project/assist you in the project? How many artists will be directly involved in this project?

    {Photo: M. Freedman 2011}

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