Getting To Fremont

Timing and Getting Here In 2014, the Parade will be held on the same day as the Rock and Roll Marathon. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT TRAFFIC AND ROUTES INTO FREMONT WILL BE CHALLENGING and Public Transportation will be disrupted. … Read More

Be a Parade Monitor

Parade Monitors play a critical role in ensuring that we put on a good show during the parade.  Our monitors bring a unique mix of stage management and crowd control.  They ensure the parade is evenly spaced and… Read More

Solstice Cyclists

While the painted cyclists are a beloved part of the Solstice Parade, they are a separate group the FAC collaborates with… %%wppa%% %%photo=7%% %%align=center%% Photo credit to: Matt Freedman 2013 WWW.SOLSTICECYCLIST.ORG Facebook Fan page:   Solstice Cyclists Join the… Read More