Feast 2018 – Thank You!

(we’d love to hear your feedback. Please, Take a moment and tell us about your night?)

THANK YOU to all who made the 2018 Feast of the Winter Solstice a fabulous success! Thank you to everyone that showed up to celebrate! And, THANK YOU to the artists, performers and volunteers who helped transform the Great Hall!

Thank you to our installation artists:

  • Mandala: Jenn Charoni
  • Tea House: Marie LeBlanc, Will Mitchell, Trina Doerfler
  • Puppets: Sarah Lovett
  • Stage Backdrop: Lymarie Perez
  • Black Light Art: Christy Smith

Thank you to the fabulous musicians and Performers:

Main Stage:

  • Kowboy
  • Hezza Fezza
  • Elle Waves
  • Shpkilis
  • Lance Scott
  • Ritual:  Noam Gundle, Kathy Heffernan and friends
  • Kowboy

Tea House Stage:

  • Andrey Psyche
  • Mossy Raven
  • Choro Loco

Thank you to Jeannie Peck and the awesome Security Team!

Thank you to the leadership and planning team:

  • Brigette LaGarde, Ennie Brosius, Linda Greenway, Sarah Lovett,  Dr. Owl

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped with planning, the build, making the food, keeping us safe, stage crew, watching the door, creating headdresses,  tea house, kids space, lighting, ambience, artistry and décor! — and for the huge clean up after!

We love you!

{photo B. LaGarde, 2018}

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