Feast of the Winter Solstice – 2018

Saturday December 22, 2018 

The ancient energy of the Winter Solstice is something people have celebrated for centuries, and we take up our place in carrying forth this experience.

We gather at this time, the same night each year regardless of when it falls, to celebrate the earth, it’s bounty, our own place in time, and community, to share a meal, to talk, sing, and dance en route to our ancient souls. We go there with much joy, exultation and appreciation.

Everyone contributes to this feast, it is a potluck feast. Bring something yummy to share, dress beautifully and be ready to celebrate! All ages are welcome.

Show your support for beloved celebration arts events in our community!

{photo B. Smythe, 2015 and MFreedman, 2012)

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