Free Luminata Workshop #3 – Window Screen Laterns!

Date: Saturday, October 3rd.

Time: 4:30 – 5:30 pm

Host: Keoni from Vam Dance Studio (

Clicker her to join: Zoom Workshop If you need to enter the info manually, use [Meeting ID: 870 335 2304] and [Password: luminata]


– Aluminum window screen scraps
– Gloves (bits can be poky)
– Scissors
– Duct tape (optional)
– Thin wire (wire cutters), or needle & thread, or dental floss
– Hot glue, depending on design
– Anything to decorate – beads ( or you can hang earrings on it for sparkle), or you could go organic and decorate with leaves pine cones, twigs.
– Some kind of light source (flame less candle, twinkle lights, a real candle if you’re careful)

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