Follow us to Gasworks

Follow the Fremont Solstice Parade into Gasworks Park for a grand, FREE celebration from 1:00-10:15 PM on June 16, 2018; the Fremont Solstice Celebration! Variete!

This year’s them is Variete! We’ll have a profusion of interactive fun, aerialists, a Pun Slam, fire dancing, DJ’s and live music! Kick back and raise a glass at our beer garden, featuring Fremont Brewing, Hale’s Ales, and Schilling Cider! Proceeds directly support the Parade and Celebration.  Top it off with a hearty meal from a wide selection of Food Trucks to feed us all after a joyous parade.

Who is providing the Varieté?

1:10 pm    Gasworks Park is Open!

2:00 pm     Pundamonium Pundamonium is a slam style pun making competition! Hosted by Forest Ember. One by one the contestants each have 2 mins to give it their best shot while the judges score them, the top punners end up going head to head in the final round!  Anyone is welcome to compete or judge, just show up early and get in touch with Forest.

3:00 pm    Dr OwlDr. Owl has been performing for many moons. First magic, then music, then balloons, and later, silly science. Sometimes he is a jester, other times playing a role on stage or doing walk around characters. His favorite thing to do is make balloon animals. However, anything that makes people smile, is fair game.

3:15 pm    Cougar Oogle — The Cougar Ooglers put at a call out to “smokin’ dudes” to bring their impressive killer dance moves and irresistible charms to be oogled and appreciated. Come see who answered the call!

4:15 pm    Cabiri The Cabiri has been part of the Fremont arts scene since 1998, bringing their colorful, mythology-based contemporary circus theater performances to life throughout the Pacific Northwest. Visit them at their new home – Arcadia – in the Frēlard neighborhood where you can take cultural, art, dance, and aerial classes.

3:45 pm    Dr OwlJester, Entertainer & MC returns to the stage

4:45 pm   Choroloco Choroloco is a Seattle based acoustic trio specializing in choro, a highly melodic and rhythmic instrumental form of Brazilian popular music.  Mixing the melodic forms of Classical music with Afro-Brazilian rhythms, it is syncopated and energetic. They play traditional songs from the early 1900s through today, as well as original music in the style.

6:15 pm    The EvanstonesTry out your interpretive dance moves to some mid century music for a Post Modern Millenium. Originally lab chimps working as mild mannered reporters for a quaint metropolitan newspaper, The Evanstones came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal monkey men. Upon their arrival at the Ellis Island of Dr Moreau from the old country, the Evanstones changed their name from The Evansteins and were on their way to the fickle fate of forgotten fame and fortune!

8:15 pm    Killer WorkoutKiller Workout is a Seattle band that wants to make you move, dance, shake, convulse, whatever—just so long as you’re not standing still by the end. Musically, the band is what happens when modern indie meets late 70s/early 80s post-punk with a generous helping of new wave thrown in.

9:45 pm    Emerald City DragonsEmerald City Dragons is a fire and light performance troupe from the Seattle area originally created to help grow our community and benefit other various fire and flow projects. They have been operational for going on 3 years and had performers from all walks of life. They’ve even started to include other circus performances such as burlesque and clowning! On Saturday, Emerald City Dragons looks forward to bringing their little community to the Fremont Arts community!


Who is providing the good eats?

Get involved!

We are always on the lookout for volunteers to help out with this event. Please visit our volunteer page to sign up to help!

If you are interested in bringing your food truck — please fill out our food truck application form.


{Photo by P. Gordon, 2016}