Volunteer for a Leadership Team

Volunteer for a Leadership Team

Are you interested in using your time and skills to support the Fremont Solstice Parade and community celebration art and events throughout the year?

The Fremont Arts Council is looking for a few individuals to join our inner circle of friends who are committed to supporting the organization year-round.  This network will enlarge the base of people directly involved with event production and other essential tasks.  This is your chance to meet a parade of new friends and grow in your knowledge about celebration art.  It is a wonderful way to support the Fremont Solstice Parade and to help make community art happen and thrive.

This work is in support of our shared vision for:

  • Continual improvements to build a supportive and inclusive community culture.
  • A solid foundation for the Fremont Arts Council, with year-round leadership teams and year-round staff.
  • Support world class art and celebrations.

Volunteers are needed right now to work on your choice of these three teams:

Program and Events Team

Powerhouse and Events Team: This team is charged with planning, management and logistics for the powerhouse and events.  Including the Fremont Solstice Parade, Luminata, Trolloween, Petit Troll, May Day, and Winter Feast.   This team also plans workshops and educational events year round at the powerhouse and other locations.

Our team goals this year are: to produce all of our events this year on schedule and meet targets; to develop event planning and production manuals for each of our events; to explore new ideas and visions for each of our events with an emphasis on welcoming; to plan and produce monthly ArtWORKS workshops at the powerhouse; to explore services and/or art production that can be sustainable lines of business.

Development and Outreach Team

Development and Outreach Team: The work of this team focuses in two main areas:

  • Development:  Develop and carry out a fundraising plan to secure funding to support the work of the FAC.  This includes securing donors and sponsorship, grant writing and other fundraising opportunities.
  • Outreach:  Focus on connections, relationships and communications to establish, maintain and strengthen our ties with the community, event participants and our membership.  This includes outreach, social media, websites, publicity, communications, public relations, marketing materials and graphic design.

Our team goals this year are to: Expand our membership base with an emphasis on engaging our members; Develop a new fundraising plan to secure funding to sustain the FAC; Refresh all of our outreach materials; Develop a social media strategy and process; Engage in targeted outreach to create new partnership opportunities.

Finance, Operations and Governance Team

Finance, Operations and Governance Team: In its Finance role, this team oversees our financial systems, financial reports and budgets.   Operations includes management of the powerhouse public art studio, and IT systems including member database, website and document storage system. In its governance role this team helps ensure the good functioning and overall health of our Board of Directors and working teams (committees) it also develops plans and policies to keep the FAC going strong.  Work we would like to accomplish this year includes: Strengthen the FAC’s working teams to include more community members with interest and expertise; Guide development of annual goals and plans; Review and improve our policy documents; Review and improve our fiscal and administrative systems; Make continual improvements to our IT systems; Assure that our records and “institutional memory” is well documented and easily documented going forward; Assure that the powerhouse is well managed, maintained and welcoming.

Ideal team players have:

  • Interest in volunteering at least 10 hours per month; plus attend a monthly meeting held in the evening
  • Enthusiasm for community celebration art
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work collaboratively in a team environment
  • Experience or skills that can help make this team shine.

Questions can be directed to volunteer@fremontartscouncil.org

Interested? Register on our volunteer page. You will then have a chance to tell us about yourself, and what you’d be interested in helping with.

Or, drop by a leadership team meeting to find out more.