Green Lake Park

Saturday September 21, 2019

6:00 – 10:00 pm

The Fremont Solstice Parade floats are stowed away, and the summer days have begun to shorten. It’s time for Luminata! The Fremont Arts Council celebrates the autumnal equinox on September 21st at Green Lake Park to bid farewell to summer and move gently into autumn with our annual illuminated celebration.

Full participation is open to the public! Many traditions around the world recognize the last days of the productive summer are about to shift into the dark and introspective time of winter. Lanterns are a beautiful symbol of our spirit as a community that will sustain us through the cold months.

We begin our celebration with a ceremony at the Aqua Theater at the south shores of Green Lake. Everyone is invited to bring lanterns, glowing umbrellas, luminous costumes, or other beaming creations to parade around the lake. Hand-made lanterns created at workshops by your friends and neighbors will be available for sale to complement your ensemble and keep you glowing through the long nights to come. Throughout the park you will encounter magical art installations, music, performances, and a secret banquet!

6:00 PM 
The Lantern Shoppe opens outside the Aqua Theater, featuring hand-decorated lanterns created at workshops by your friends and neighbors. All proceeds support the event.

7:30 PM 
Opening Ceremony and Performance at the Aqua Theater grandstands at the south shores of Green Lake.

8:00 PM 
We all parade with our lanterns, costumes and creations along the lake shore towards the Bathhouse Theater. Have a snack at the Secret Banquet, then continue along the path to discover more art, music, and performance!


{photo by E. Brosius, 2018}

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