Luminata Art Proposal & Grant Application

Luminata Art Proposal & Grant Application

To Apply: 

All applications MUST be received by e-mail by Midnight, Friday, August 17, 2018. (if requesting funding) — (or by September 12 if not requesting funding).

Funding selections and notification will be made by Monday, August 20th, 2018. Proposals received after that date will be notified within 10 days of receipt.
The event date is Saturday September 22, 2018. 7-10PM

Please answer the questions in the application below. Please limit your answers to these questions to three pages.  Along with this application, please submit:

Sketches: A picture is worth a thousand words. Drawings or photos of your project or installation are helpful for the selection committee. Please note if you have a preference for a site or a type of site.
Budget: Please include as detailed of a budget as possible of estimated costs/expenditures for your ensemble/project. (e.g.-breakout estimates for materials, labor, artist fee, equipment rental, or other line items) Is this project amenable to partial funding? Are there other sources of funding, or in-kind support to feed the project?
Examples: Any artwork, press, video or audio recordings that will support your application. Up to 5 digital images, may be submitted with your application. Please consider reducing the file size of any electronically sent files.
Resumes or bios of key artistic personnel (max. 1 page per person)

Please e-mail Applications and accompanying materials, including budget detail and resumes to:

For more information, please contact:

Event website:

Call for Art and Art Grant Details:


1. Contact Information:

  • Project Title
  • Applicant Name
  • Project Director/Contact Person
  • Address
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Website

2. Narrative:  Write a short narrative describing your proposed project. Is this an installation, lantern or moving sculpture, or performance? Describe your intention or theme; What does it look like; what will people see or do? Does your project include music or sound?; Will there be audience participation/interaction? During what times (between 7PM and 10PM) will your project be activated?

3. Timeline and Execution: Please provide a timeline of your project for building and set-up. Describe how you will accomplish your project? Talk about the aesthetic impact, structure, and how your project is designed for transport and set-up/take-down in a narrow window. Has it been designed with safety in mind? Can you find enough people to assist with building? Where will your project occur (note on map below, or provide additional drawing/photo)? Please describe your set and strike plans. What is your transportation plan? What is the source of power?

4. Workspace: Each year the FAC provides a community art studio for the purpose of building our events. Do you plan on using the Fremont Arts Council’s Powerhouse Community Art Studio to create your project? If so, please describe what your workspace needs will be (days/times/activities.)

5. People:Do you plan to use public volunteers in creating your project? What skills are needed to work on this project? Can you find enough people to populate your project/assist you in the project? How many artists will be directly involved in this project? If your project requires many people, how will you find them?

6. Skill Sharing:  What skills are you bringing to this project? Have you done a similar project before? Would you be willing to share skills or to build the project with FAC members or the broader community? If so, please describe how you will do this. Do you plan to hold public workshops or classes while building your ensemble?