Luminata Artists 2017

Luminata is a lantern procession held at Green Lake on Thursday September 21, 2017. Gather at dusk near the Aqua Theater for hand made lanterns, an opening ceremony and a lantern procession that ends at our Secret Banquet near the Bath House Theater.

The Fremont Arts Council is pleased to announce the artists and performers for Luminata 2017:

Opening Ceremony Music
Artist: Rafe Pearlman

Procession Music
Artist: One Love Band
Artist: Vamola

Secret Banquet Music
Artist: Ricky Gene Powell

Artists and Performers:


Artist: Elise Koncsek

Beacons consists of 10 suspended wooden lanterns, each one cubic foot in size, lit from the inside by arduino-controlled LED rings which cast shadows on the faces of visitors. The beacons invite passers-by to spin them and play with the dancing patterns of light and shadow.


Artist: Team Caveglow

Coralume is a colorful, interactive installation that merges land and water, highlighting our disappearing coral reefs and showcasing a variety of phenomenal organisms. Parade-goers will be able to interact with the installation’s touch-activated elements.

Dance of the Light Warriors

Artist: Poi-fect Alchemy Dance

Poifect Alchemy performers create an illuminated painting as they spin. A state known as "flow" is created for both the performer and the audience in a symbiotic relationship. This performance is sure to help the community transition into the dark and introspective time of winter. The troop was formed last year by a retired school nurse that discovered the health benefits of this ancient circus/martial art.

Dodacahedrons and Icosahedrons

Artist: Daniel Metzler

We are celebrating the autumnal equinox with the creation of two settings of three luminaries each. Once set of luminaries are dodecahedrons and the other icosahedrons. The luminaries range in size from 12" to 36".

Electric Flowers

Artist: Randy Garbrick

A sculpture of giant lighted flowers with participant interaction to change the colors of the flowers.

Fragile and Light

Artist: Sandy Ruffin

Fragile & Light is an exploration of light and shadows, using small LEDs to light gilded eggshells. The sculpture is both fragile and strong, both light and dark. The play of light and shadow across the surfaces of the eggs, as well as the cast light and shadows, invites viewers to move around the work, exploring the delicate differences found in a change of viewpoint.

Light in the Dark

Artist: Sean Carleton

A solar powered steel structure with glass elements that illuminate at sunset. It is a light beacon demonstrating visual understanding of solar power in a vertical light display. The aesthetic has been described as 'from space', 'beacon', and 'rocket'. Visually, it is a lightly caged three sided structure which houses three petals that fold down similar to a flower.

Luminata Dragon

Artist: Art Program at Fircrest School

A dragon with 9-foot wings, and 21 feet long (in 3 parts) - to honor the equinox. It will be lit from inside with motion detector lights. The red eyes will light up and the dragon may roar when anyone approaches. The body is flexible and translucent.

Masked in Light

Artist: Joe Griffith

A projection mapping rig will create live architectural projections on a building or facade. Projections are bright, colorful and family friendly. They are designed to create a sense of wonder and joy. They work with symmetry, geometric displacement, particles, fractals, wireframe, lumia and liquid effects. Visual content is mixed live and on the fly. Visitors are welcome to move in front of the projectors, interacting with the projected images and co-creating new imagery and experiences.

Ookpik the Snowy Owl

Artist: Kelly Wardle

White flash of feathers float

Spreading into silver moonlight

Graced by harmony

This 9.5’ snowy owl light installation is set just above eye level and dances to very soft music with her synchronized LED lights. Her feathers glow in shades of white, ranging from the bluest side of the spectrum to the yellowest. She is a serene and magical creature who is mesmerizing to watch. It’s both entertaining and relaxing to stand or lay in front of her for a few minutes.

Sea Horse

Artist: Sarah Lovett

A giant illuminated sea horse; handcrafted of reed, paper, and silk

Silk Hangings

Artist: Peter Toms

A ring of yellow silks.

Star and Mooncatcher costumes

Artist: Ivy Thompson

A black spangled LED gown as the "stars" and a "moon catcher" with a glowing orb.

String of Pearls

Artist: Pickled Okra

A musical performance with lanterns. The intention is to gather musicians and be creative. It will look like a string of pearls. The pearls will walk in the parade, then set up a jam circle until everyone has satisfied their need to play music.

Uwah - long eared owl puppet

Artist: Sarah Lovett

a Giant Illuminated Owl Puppet; handcrafted of reed, paper, and silk. It is performed by 4 people on poles . It flies above the procession.

Wings Alight

Artist: Lily Harrison

A performance of isis wings movement with bioluminescent butterfly wings. The butterfly beckons people to dance with her and the glowing wings as a physically and visually stimulating experience in a flowing and never stopping movement light.

{photo by: K. Wardle 2016}

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