Luminata Artists 2018

Luminata is our annual illuminated art celebration and lantern parade held at Green Lake Park to welcome the Autumn Equinox. Everyone is invited to bring lanterns, glowing umbrellas, luminous costumes, or other beaming creations to parade along the the lake shore.Throughout the park you will encounter magical art installations, music, performances, experiences, and a secret banquet.

The Fremont Arts Council is pleased to announce the artists and performers for Luminata 2018!

Click here for a printable map:  2018 Luminata Art Map For Guests


*2018 Grant Recipients

Opening Ceremony

Narrator: Peter Toms

Queen of Summer: Susan Dumett

King Winter: Russ Mascarella


Illuminated Kayak Fleet




One Love 

Gary Luke Band


Art, Performance, Experience

Kinetic Waterfall

Philip Kobernik

The Interactive Waterfall was born from the desire to interact with a particle system emulation of water. My intention was to create something beautiful and interactive. It is an installation that stands 12-15 feet high, with a semi-transparent screen being rear-projected so that there is space in front of the screen for people to gather and interact. Four million particles are pulled downward by gravity, cycling from the bottom of the screen up to the top. A special depth sensor detects the silhouettes of people in front of the screen, and uses this silhouette to interact with the particles.

Philip Kobernik has been a musician and technologist his whole life, but wasn’t focused on the intersection of technology and artistic expression until a friend recommended a podcast series about the history of appropriative collage in music. Since then, Kobernik has been obsessed with the notion of data-collage: breaking down media and interaction into raw data in order to synthesize new media and facilitate experiences that enable participants to connect with their own creativity.


* Emerald City Dragons

A fire and light performance troupe, that’s been in operation for almost 3 years. Being we are Seattle based, we were created to support not only our flow community, but Seattle as a whole. Working with Fremont Arts Council this year has been a fantastic experience into just that! But we’re more than just a fire troupe, you can find us at events doing burlesque, LED prop spinning, juggling….you might even see a clown on stilts on the horizon! Whatever your circus arts performance needs are, the dragons are here for!


Dragon and the FireBirds

Denise Henrikson

When the Dragon is slain and falls to the ground, the FireBirds come flying out from the body of the Dragon.  The eyes and nostrils of the Dragon have LEDs and the FireBirds inside have illuminated costumes so when they are inside the Dragon, the Dragon’s body is illuminated, and the FireBirds will have bells. This Giant Dragon puppet first appeared at Troll-o-Ween in the early 1990’s. It’s been to many schools, fairs and festivals, but has been hibernating for a decade. Time to wake up!


Ghost Riders in the Sky

Angela Pershnokov

Angela Pershnokov has a degree in fine art from the University of Oregon, where she also studied non-traditional costuming, dance, mythology, and the art of stained glass. Working with glass was her first insight into the language of light, and how that can be a transforming experience at night. She is a co-founder and past director of The Radar Angels, an art and performance co-operative and has also performed with such groups as Theater In the Wild, Flying Dreams, Artspots and The Fremont Arts Council. She is a ritual performer, co-producing and directing That We May Live, a totemic enactment of our connection to nature, as well as several performance rituals for the Fremont Arts Council’s Winter Feast. Other artistic pursuits include lantern making, ambient theater, puppetry, pageantry, and all celebrant arts. She has performed in one or more of these capacities for such events as San Francisco Carnival, Eugene Celebration, Oregon Country Fair, Fremont Solstice Parade and Pageant, The Hsinkang Arts Festival in Taiwan, as well as countless Radar Angel extravaganzas. Let the light shine!


* Meri the Monarch & The Spaghetti Monster

Marilyn Kurka

This pair of Kinetic Sculptures from Port Townsend will glow along with the Lantern Parade with their costumed pilots and entourage, and land near the Bath House Theater for you to explore. Marilyn K. Kurka, owner of Underground Art and the Kinetic Creature Lab, built Meri the Monarch in 2014.  She is a kinetic sculpture racer and artist and has participated in kinetics for over 22 years. Marilyn works with many different mediums and exhibits her acrylic paintings and wire work jewelry at Underground Art in Port Townsend. The large kinetic sculpture art is built and shown at the Kinetic Creature Lab also in Port Townsend.


* Art of Free Energy

Randy Morris

Traverse through this unknown Galaxy of recycled, sustainable, solar powered planets, meteors, asteroids, space ships & flying saucers.

“I love sharing my passion for all things solar, sustainable, earth-friendly, artistic, and creative. My work is a reflection of what I see. What you see is a glimpse of my imagination caught in a brief moment in time. This current display is where I’m currently at in the universe, please stand by… I’m working at the Gypsy Junkyard repurposing the past.”



Brock Wilmer

Illuminated sculpture. “As an artist, my goal is to be a channel for experience, to interpret and share ideas through a variety of media. My desire is that the work I create will resonate with people, and contribute to a sense of unity through my interpretation of the intangible aspects of human experience. I want my art to help bring people together, because what we can achieve together is exponentially greater that what we can accomplish alone. I want my art to empower others and challenge the notion that we are alone, insignificant, and small.”


Tasara Ravenheart

Tasara is a sacred motion graphics artist from the Pacific NW who has a special lens into the collective dreamspace thru her sacred visions and her poetic eye. She is also a passionate storyteller, magical practitioner, healer and teacher of the craft. She loves to assist in co-creating healing rituals for individuals and groups. Tasara is known for her grassroots organizing of spiritual circles, networks and sacred music events. Her theatrical background as a lighting designer influences her work, as she loves to create internal and external environments, using technology, heart and help from the spirits so that people may pass through the portals they are bound to find. She will be projecting on the back of the Bath House Theater.


* Lustrous Lotuses

Jesse Card & Elise Konscek

A mesmerizing flotilla of glowing lotus flowers on lily pads, floating on the edge of Green Lake. The Lustrous Lotus bed is created from a combination of made laser cut acrylic, LED lighting, and upcycled buoyant materials.


* Body is Home: Air Unites Us / Lungs

DAIPANbutoh Collective / Trina Cooper

DAIPANbutoh Collective joins with Wobbly Dance, guest dancers Alycia Scott Zollinger & Robyn Bjornson, musicians Joey Largent and Scott Adams, and artist Trina Cooper to embody ethereal bubbles of air, transporting and transforming summer’s lush energy into the next cycle of renewal and growth. Community members of all ages and abilities are invited to co-create a dance at an inclusive workshop for all bodies starting at 4:15 pm, led by Corina Dalzell and featuring special pre-parade performances by Neve Mazique-Bianco and others. Together, both groups will dance their way along the parade route, finishing with a dance at Trina Cooper’s giant lungs, complete with video projections lighting up the night. Visit DAIPAN’s website to learn how YOU can participate in the community dance in the parade! Funded through City of Seattle’s Arts in Parks program.



Angie Hinojos Yusuf

Angie Hinojos Yusuf is a Mexican-American painter and sculptor residing and working in Woodinville, WA.  She started her professional life as an architect, which has given her a deep appreciation for the built environment.  At the same time, she is drawn to nature. The constant interplay between these two worlds is at the heart of her work.   Angie’s work is a meditation on our place within the natural order. She is influenced by the patterns found in nature, as well as the replication and adaptation of those patterns for our own inventive uses.    

Angie has a desire to seek out forgotten histories to shed light on untold stories.   Her work aims to highlight the interconnectedness that exists among all living things, and to shine a light on the beauty of our different experiences, cultures, and beliefs, while celebrating our shared humanity.


Water Lilies at Night

Marybeth Barr

Inspired by Monet’s Water Lily paintings and the gorgeous lilies at Green Lake. They are lit from above and below and made so anyone can walk through the light, streamers and bubbles. It’s as if the people experiencing it, are walking under water. This is an installation to signify the coming of winter, and based on people being down in the mud, while looking up at the lit, lotus flowers of light.

MK Barr is a multi-disciplinary artist, director & designer and focuses on exploring art, experiences, design, light and color in all of its forms. A formally trained, commercial interior designer that branched out into documentaries, animation, web design, art installations, mobile games and other forms, she now runs her company 5 Creatives. She is currently working on a custom kite, and hopes to be done by the beginning of spring, 2019.


Chromata / Sunflower of Symmetry

Bryan Ressler

Chromata is a contemplative exploration of color and form. Its mathematically­- produced, ever-changing landscape of light and void invites the viewer’s individual interpretations. A tablet application allows viewers to influence the speed and colors displayed on the work.

The Sunflower of Symmetry is a celebration of symmetry and the human brain’s affinity for it. In a natural sunflower, the seeds arrange themselves into a Golden Spiral. The Sunflower  reflects that mathematical heritage by algorithmically generating its colors and animations in real time, never the same twice, as sunflowers themselves are unique.


* Light Physiognomy

Peter Bargas

Have you ever taken your photo in a “Stand-in” or “Cut Out” at a carnival or fair? Light Physiognomy is a digital interactive experience based on these painted boards. But instead of placing your face in the cut-out to pose for a photo, digital imagery will be projected and mapped onto the wood structure, with an image selected by you.


* Odd Jelly Out

Missy Douglas & Kim Rask

Odd Jelly Out is the latest, large-scale sculpture project by sculptors Missy Douglas & Kim Rask at uckiood studio (Burien WA). Drawing inspiration from Jelly Babies – the iconic British candy – each of the four OJO figures are hand cast and created from fiberglass, glass, mirror and LEDs. While playful and bold, the installation is intended to champion the ‘outsider’ and those on the fringes of society. As such, it has evolved into a wide-reaching and influential project, being recently featured in The Independent (UK), Designboom and My Modern Met. Stop by this shining, shifting light display with your lanterns and lighted costumes, and gently spin the mirrored Jelly Baby to see yourself reflected and refracted through the darkness!



Daniel S. Metzler, Isaac L. Metzler, & Melissa H. Metzler

Hanging plywood geometric shapes including dodecahedrons, stellated dodecahedrons, second degree dodecahedrons, stellated octahedron and a few others without names. Each shape is illuminated with cheerful LED lights.

Husband and wife Daniel S. Metzler and Melissa H. Metzler have been creating art together for 28 years. Dan has a degree in Computer Science from University of Washington, Tacoma and Melissa has a degree in Design from University of California, Berkeley. In 2013 they founded Cedar Street Design, a commercial enterprise with the purpose of exploring the use of emerging technologies in the creation of fine art. The pair has found great satisfaction digitally designing and creating decorative wooden boxes. But their greatest creation is the third team member Isaac L. Metzler. Isaac is a painter and musician having studied piano, electric bass and trombone.


Ghosts of Light

Mike Monroe

Projection art. “I’ve always been fascinated with the allure of finding a small mysterious event in the forest one night, especially something that is both foreign to our senses and still somehow charming.”


Electric Sundew

Randy Garbrick

A color-changing lighted sculpture representing a giant Sundew plant.


Giant Flowers
Sean Carleton

Large-scale illuminated flower sculpture.


* Light Warriors

Michelle Senechal

The Light Warriors fight the darkness with battle moves and synchronized dance using poi, staff, and fiber optic whips. The Warriors will spin through the Lantern Parade, and land near Ludicrous Speed to dance to the rhythms of Kowboy Kelley. The Light Warriors are Green Lake Elementary students from an after school poi club led by retired nurse Michelle Senechal. Audience participation is encouraged!


* Ludicrous Speed

Kowboy Kelley

A music/DJ stage performance installation with a sound activated, color changing LED light box and interactive shadow boxes. Everyone is welcome to come dance inside these shadow boxes, which will be backlit with changing colors, outlining the dancer’s shadow on a screen for everyone to enjoy. The Light Warriors will be on-hand to fight the darkness with their illuminated moves.


* Illuminated Kayak Fleet
Michael Kraft

The Casual Kayaking Meetup Group will launch a small fleet of highly illuminated kayaks at sunset on the far shore of Green Lake. As the light dims, these boats skim the surface toward the Aqua Theater, and prowl the shoreline along with the Lantern Parade. With the gathering darkness, the boats seem ever brighter. Some are lit from within, while others sparkle with many tiny bright lights on decks or on costumes worn by the kayakers.


Sea Dragon & Fairy Puppets

Sarah Lovett

The two magical illuminated puppets will float over the celebration and play with each other and the crowd.

{photo: Joe Tym, 2017}


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