Luminata Artists 2019

Luminata is our annual illuminated art celebration and lantern parade held at Green Lake Park to welcome the Autumn Equinox. Everyone is invited to bring lanterns, glowing umbrellas, luminous costumes, or other beaming creations to parade along the the lake shore.Throughout the park you will encounter magical art installations, music, performances, experiences, and a secret banquet.

The Fremont Arts Council is pleased to announce the artists and performers for Luminata 2019!

Click here for a printable map:  2019 Luminata Art Map For Guests


Opening Ceremony

Winged Mermaid Goddess (Loalynda Bird) And several other winged Luminaries to dance with the goddess: 2 Swans, Eagle, Heron, and Snow Owl.

Seattle-Lights Performers Watch the light ignite the night as we accept and welcome new changes from a familiar face, autumn. Embrace what we know through love and bring the light into our darkest hours. Feel the power and energetic responses through your passions and use this to power your minds, while trails of light spark the flames within and empower your spirit. Enter the Seattle-Lights world of prop dancing, where we find our balance through a powerful LED performance that will both move and inspire you.

Illuminated Kayak Fleet The Casual Kayaking Meetup Group will launch a small fleet of highly illuminated kayaks at sunset on the far shore of Green Lake. As the light dims, these boats skim the surface toward the Aqua Theater, and prowl the shoreline along with the Lantern Parade. With the gathering darkness, the boats seem ever brighter. Some are lit from within, while others sparkle with many tiny bright lights on decks or on costumes worn by the kayakers.

Grupo Bayano:  Performing a sica, a style of Bomba which is an Afro- PuertoRican folk dance. We will perform a dance with lyrics especially written for the Luminata & equinox. Bayano is a Seattle-based Caribbean music and dance group with over twenty years of experience. Named after a Maroon community in what is today Panamá, Grupo Bayano continues in the spirit of collaboration, strength, and unity. We welcome cross-cultural exchange with other cultural and performing groups (local, national, and international). We have experience collaborating with teachers (at the preschool, elementary school, high school, and college level) to plan and carryout arts-based curriculum projects as a part of units, themes, coursework, or studies.

VamoLa: Through vibrant processions, parades, and stage performances, VamoLá brings to life the celebratory spirit of Brazilian Carnaval. While the emphasis is on SAMBA —”the essence of the Brazilian musical soul”— VamoLá offers a rich array of other music and dance styles from the Northeast of Brazil including the primal beats of Samba-reggae, Baiao and Maracatu. This exuberant drum and dance ensemble envelops the audience in driving rhythms, inviting you to join in the experience and blurring the line between spectator and performer.

Art, Performance, Experience

Boris (Kyle Hadley & Brock Wilmer) Short for Explora Borealis, Boris is an installation that evokes the beauty and color of the Northern Lights while inviting the viewer to come and explore it’s possibilities with a collection of functional buttons and dials. Play alone or with a friend; either way come inside and surround yourself with it’s glow as you find out what’s possible.

ChoroLoco.   Choroloco is a Seattle-based acoustic ensemble specializing in Choro music (vintage Brazilian jazz from Rio de Janeiro).

Chromata  (Bryan Ressler) Chromata is a 8 ft x 4 ft light-emitting artwork that has been described by some viewers as “an abstract painting that continuously repaints itself.” Chromata is an interactive, generative work that algorithmically creates a continuously-changing, mesmerizing field of light.  Sit and watch a while or use the interaction kiosk to change Chromata’s symmetry and colors to your liking, all without interrupting its constantly evolving organic tableau.

Crane City (Brittani Anglin) Magical Origami World by Crane City will be making an appearance at Luminata for the first time ever! The installation is a community built project lead by Brittani Anglin. Crane City will be over 1,000 birds hung in a small garden across from Seattle Public Theatre @ Greenlake. Honor the beauty of origami cranes in a new season & take a walk on through the path of peace!

Disco Dodecahedron  (Kowboy Kelly) A dodecahedron sculpture with each face being a 2 way mirror and each edge containing LEDs powered by a Teensy controller to facilitate different lighting patterns and create the illusion of an infinite space.

Dream Hatching (Constance Mears) What is YOUR Dream? Dream Hatching gives you an opportunity to clarify what you want to bring to life. Write your Dream on a piece of paper and add it to the 4-foot-wide Dream Hatching Nest. Then, peruse a variety of bird images to “Find Your Flock.”

Emerald City Dragons We are excited to join Luminata for our second year. This is always a great opportunity for us to bring not only our Fire and Flow arts community together, but also the Seattle Community as a whole. Fire and Community circles come together to welcome fall with various types of dance, lights, and music. This all ages event will provide a warm space at the end of the parade once you have walked the beautiful art installations  and seen the magic of Luminata 2019.

Envision  (350 Seattle) A space to envision and celebrate the future we all want through the love we have and our capacity for imagination and action.  An environment of batik banners of Sunrise, water, and trees, illuminated earth lanterns and waterfalls. An illuminated  interactive heart shape inviting people to add objects and their own writings and drawings in a ceremonial way to symbolize the loving, healthy, vibrant, and just future we all crave. The heart contained inside a circle of light symbolizing community.

Ephemeral TableuX       Risk of Change) Illuminated dance performance by Risk of Change, a giant puppet and ambiance troupe that performs at fairs and events in the Pacific NW.

Gone Viral  (Brooke Fotheringham) This lantern project is Brooke’s first attempt to combine her art with public health outreach to raise awareness about the impacts of influenza, and be a visible presence of how it can move through our communities, while simultaneously showcasing the eerie and ethereal beauty of virus particles.

Jumbo Kaleidoscope     (Matt Kelly) Jumbo Kaleidoscope invites participants to create collages using scavenged and recycled materials. These collages will be displayed on a big screen.

Lotus Landscape Lantern    (Josef Tecumseh Stitts) Using reclaimed and foraged materials from Green Lake, the moving lantern sculpture, Lotus Landscape Lantern, is a repurposed and interactive experience between performance artist and audience. The theme for this artwork pulls its inspiration from the macro-landscape of Green Lake and the microcosm of the lotus present in the lake, while the artist bridges the two scales by acting as the anthropomorphic spirit of the place.

Magical Origami   (Hezza Fezza) There is a path that leads into a magical cove with grasses and embracing trees lit up like a gathering of dragon flies at night. You hear a birdlike voice looping crescendoing, evolving, she is Hezza Fezza, a magical origami mother bird fairy who wanders the space entertaining those that enter. Flocks of small origami birds are floating all around, illuminated in the trees along the winding path. This is the stuff of dreams. A dream to be made together for Luminata

Muirgan, the Mermaid, Marinna, the Sea Turtle and Luiz, the Jellyfish    (Marilyn K. Kurka) Muirgan, the Mermaid, Marianna, the Sea Turtle and Luiz, the Jellyfish, have come out of the ocean to remind you to reduce or eliminate your use of plastics.  They are Kinetic sculptures that have paraded and raced the west coast this year.  Please consider support to, pick up 3 pieces of plastic each time you visit the ocean and only use multi-use containers.

Rainbow Road    (Steven Inouye) Rainbow Road is a series of Rainbow LED Clouds that line a walkway. The clouds have multiple scenes and will provide dancing colors throughout the night!

Shadow Sail Theater    (Heather D Sparks) Shadow Sail Theater captures the shimmering nuances of shadow art by combining plasma cut metal with intricate paper cuts, innovative analog light projections, and live silhouettes in an intimate interactive spatial environment.  estival attendees can participate in creating large scale works of shadow art by layering re-purposed materials such as lace, glass, colour changing dichroic films, and handmade paper lace costumes to animate with movement and light.

Solar light from an unknown universe  (Randy Morris) I am a sun tinkerer. I work in the art of free energy recycling repurposing restoring old & discarded things into art . I’m working at the Gypsy junkyard repurposing the past.  This project is an ever expanding solar powered unknown universe of planetary light .

The Flock    (Seattle Design Nerds) The Flock is an interactive, color-changing flock of owls molded from reclaimed materials.  Don’t get too close, you may get more than you bargained for.

The Longing     (Mike Monroe) “The Longing” explores an ethereal quality of illuminated limbs emanating out of nature- reaching forward for contact and connection- in a supernatural and calming moment in the middle of the night.

The Plastic Garden     (Sena Clara Creston) The Plastic Garden is an illuminated interactive flower garden that detects and responds to the viewers’ movements. Animated to recall a slow, rhythmic breathing by opening and closing petals and softly pulsating light, the flowers harness the contemplative feeling people get while immersed in a dependable rhythmic environment. Once the viewer gets within range, robotic flowers transform, enclosing their petals within their leaves, shaking as if they were nervous. If the viewer continues to approach, the flowers respond by becoming aggressive, snapping their petals and leaves open and shut. Only when the viewer retreats will the flowers relax, open their leaves and expose their petals. The viewer in turn reacts to the flowers. They will either retreat apologetically or embrace confrontation with the skittish sculptures and approach them as a piece of art to be examined and understood. Upon inspection, these flowers are built from discarded Walmart bags, alluding to the human tendency to transform, and ultimately destroy nature with progress. The Plastic Garden is a transformative environment that through action and reaction, material and allusion and fantasy and reality, ask the viewer to question their actions in the past, present and future. Engineering Support was provided by students from the Robotics Club at Washington State University.

The Wall    (Scott Keva James) The Wall is an interactive, playable sculpture, alive with light and powered by dynamic projection mapping. Visitors use hand gestures to shoot waves of color along the wall.  Waves reflect off of the edges of the wall and visually collide. The Wall is fun.

Twilight Paths     (Caitlin Pontrella) Bloom is a walking meditation and path of reflection, carved in a landscape of illuminated flowers. There are no tricks or dead ends. It is not about losing your way but centering yourself.

USER  (Neal Tippmann) USER is the hyperdimensional manifestation of an ancient extraterrestrial fungus. USER will conduct a symbiotic symphony of scrupulously sculpted sights and serendipitously summoned sounds.

Waterfall Light   (Courtney Hann) The Waterfall Light Towers are a community-batiked art project that provides the feeling of falling waterfalls at night.

{photo: E. Brosius, 2018}

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