May Day! Maypole Picnic


Welcome to Spring! Every May 1st we celebrate the traditional pagan rites of fertility and spring with a family picnic,  games for the kids, and a potluck supper. And of course, we will dance and weave around the Maypole!

This year we look forward to dancing around a maypole that is inclusive to all identities and communities!

This year we will celebrate the full range of fertile pursuits: the creation of innovative, visionary, and constructive ideas (Creativity); the pursuit of plants, nature, and gardens so vast you can share with your neighbors (Nature); the growth of relationships with family, friends, enemies, and a lover… or two (Connection); and of course there will be a group for those of us just wanting to be Fremont weirdos (Eccentrics). Fear not, we will dance around the maypole! In lieu of a fertile couple, we will elect a representative from each of the 4 groups to be bound in the may pole.

The Maypole Picnic takes place at Woodland Park beginning at 5 p.m., just off Aurora & 60th near the horseshoe courts. Wear something white and don your flower crowns! Bring your friends and family and spread a picnic blanket among the trees. Bring a dish to share, drinks and good spirits. Pack out everything you bring.

Click here for a map of the picnic site:

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