McKay Artist Awards 2018

The Fremont Arts Council is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 McKay Artist Grants:

Cool Earth!
Project Director: 350 Seattle

We’ll be led by a big two sided 2-D hot, dirty earth on a small float, which will be pulled by pasty corporate executives with money bulging out of their suits. We’ll have a bigger float that will be our future beautiful, life-rich “Cool World” displaying elements of a socially just and sustainable planet. These elements may include visual and active allusions to; construction of clean energy solutions, community-centered affordable housing, urban gardens and open spaces, and low-carbon public and bicycle transit. The float will be surrounded by a costumed and coordinated crew of people, with props celebrating clean water, healthy salmon, an orca pod and 30 beautiful 18” heart/earth bobbing lanterns.

Garden of Life
Project Director: Bloco Pacifico

Bloco Pacifico’s theme for the 2018 Fremont Solstice Parade is “The Garden of Life.” Through music, dance, and creative costumery, our band is hoping to inspire feelings of joy, celebration, and connection in the community (human, plant, and animal). Our drummers will represent a vibrant field of lavender, each flower adding to the music of the garden, while our dancers will transform into bees, pollinating the ranks of drummers and dancing their joyous bee-dances throughout the garden.  This year’s musical arrangement is being composed by a world-renowned Brazilian samba musician and teacher, Eduardo “Dudu” Fuentes. We’re lucky to have the chance to collaborate with Dudu, who plays with some of the most acclaimed samba schools in Rio de Janeiro—Unidos da Tijuca and  Portela—as well as teaching around the world. With VamoLá’s input, Dudu has developed two pieces just for this parade.

Joiboi Deva Puppet Ensemble
Project Director: Sarah Lovett

I am designing two giant puppets. These puppets are going to celebrate their joy with an interactive swirling dance. It’s all about play and having fun and being in amusement.  The puppets will draw form from imaginary devic creatures that aim to the delight children –fairies & unicorns are not foreign to these creatures. My aim is for fluid movement, these are Devas of the air and water. They dance and float above the street and above the crowd. It can be about release being as natural as water dropping from a cloud.

Paradisiax Parasol Project
Project Director: Tina Ilvonen

Paradisiac Parasol Project is a triple parasol on a tripod of steel poles powered by tricycles. The Parasols will be 13-15 feet diameter each, and the poles will be 12 feet tall. Each of the two front poles will be attached to wheeled “pole carts” that will be powered by bicycles and the back pole of the triangular structure will be on its own set of wheels. This structure (withouts the bikes) will be used a stage at other festivals this summer. For the Solstice Festival we are excited to include ensemble elements with the “floating” giant parasols including a marching band and people dressed as pollinators such as bees, flowers and butterflies. The band will be playing and the pollinators will either be rollerblading or dancing during the parade, carrying personal parasols, pinwheels and pennants as the parasols parade by.

Pollination Revolution
Project Director: Desiree Jones

Queen Bee Juanita and her bouquet of dancing wildflowers will be taking their message of the importance of weeds, flowers, and bees to the parade to educate and excite the masses! While Juanita preaches her message of bee love and flower power (through a megaphone or other voice amplifying device if possible), beautiful weeds in blooming costumes will surround her, carrying handmade signs with slogans (such as “SAVE THE BEES” or “FREE THE WEEDS”) for their pollination revolution and passing out packets of bee-friendly wildflowers to the crowd.

Super Moi!
Project Director: Marilyn Kurka

Our team, the IPA (Intergalactic Pussy Alliance,) will be with us as Super Moi! Super Moi is a team theme to transition from the IPA to Super Hero’s by discovering and highlighting the super hero trait within.  Each of my ladies costumes (including the Muppets) will highlight their inner super trait. Their character names and bio’s also help them discover their super inner super power.  This year, the IPA team and I am building 7’6” tall Muppets that are ventriloquist driven with controls in the small of their backs.  They are fully poseable with push button joints and have roller blades wheels on feet for better movement. They will be carried by two of our kinetic sculptures and will race and parade up and down the West Coast.  But they will also change poses and come off to go along with us on their feet with a one person assist.

Technological Terrors
Project Director: Seattle Steam Rats

The Seattle Steamrats present our Giant Steamrat Robot Float as a whimsical caution against unbridled lust for technology. Unrestrained, our technology will turn against us- be it with global warming, bioengineered disease, or terrifyingly efficient weapons. Will we choose to use technology wisely, or will it destroy us all to gnaw on our bones?  Our primary float, symbolizing runaway technology, will be an eye-catching 13’ tall mechanical steampunk robot rat in a style inspired by clockwork mechanism, science fiction and Japanese Animation. The Steamrat will feature mechanically driven limbs, head, tail, and windup key. It will be towed by a team of steampunk supplicants and led by a high priestess, representing the current spirit of blind veneration for and indulgence in technology.

Tides of Change
Project Director: Seattle Women’s Steel Band

SWSPP seeks to create a qualitatively high level work of kinetic mobile art featuring music, dance, theatrical elements, costumes and pageantry by participating in the Fremont Solstice Parade.  With 80-100 or more total participants and a float 36 feet long, the magnitude of our entry is intentional and meant to evoke a powerful and engaged reaction from the audience. The intent is to create spectacle that links essential awareness of the Oceans with Female power and cooperative effort and presents these 3 ideas in a setting of public celebration and community unity. Audience response and interaction is encouraged, mostly by inviting viewers to dance as the float passes.

{photo: A. Schwartz, 2017}

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