McKay Artist Awards 2019

The Fremont Arts Council is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 McKay Artist Grants:

Alice in Wonderland
Project Director: West Coast Kickball

Our theme this year is Alice in Wonderland! Members of the WKL will be dressed up as characters in the book/movie. We’ll also have a float, kick- balls, candy and music of course.  Our idea is to create a giant Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. During the parade around 70-100 of our members walk in the parade and spread the Solstice cheer.

Carnival is Color
Project Director: Seattle Steel Pan Project

We will utilize a 38′ long float carrying 15 musicians playing Caribbean steel pans supported by drums and percussion.  Costumes, float decoration and accompanying dancers and parader’s will feature an explosion of all colors.  Masquerade characters dressed in multi-colored costumes called “Pitchy Patch” with origins in West Africa and the Caribbean will be prominent. Participants, from age 12 to 68, all Americans with a large percentage of individuals with immigrant family backgrounds from Trinidad, Saint Lucia, India, Central America, the Mississippi Delta, Brazil, West Africa.

SSPP is primarily composed of people of color, particularly women, and has always endeavored to fairly and honestly present the true diversity of Seattle and our Nation, with particular emphasis on our African Cultural roots, the true legacy of our history of slavery. Our primary song will be a calypso celebration of carnival from Trinidad called San Fernando Carnival (1973) with an original arrangement by world renowned Pannist and Jazz musician, Andy Narrell. Second song will be a composition from one of Brazil’s most popular singer songwriters, Gilberto Gill, entitled Quilombo, a celebration of free sanctuary communities established by renegade African slaves during Brazil’s period of slavery, and performed in the afro-reggae rhythm style. We also will partner with local dance companies to present some of Seattle’s finest dancers of the African diaspora.

Flow of Water
Project Director: Bloco Pacifico

We live in a place defined by water. The stories of Seattle are the stories of water: Salish tales of glaciers retreating, Scandinavian fishermen providing for their families, the plight of orcas that are our neighbors. Our mountains are shaped by water, with glaciers and fields of snow. The life of Seattle is the cycle of water itself; clouds, rain, rivers, and seas. In summer we rush to embrace the water that encompasses us, on the lakes and sea. During this year’s Solstice Parade, Bloco Pacifico seeks to embody and embrace that wellspring of excitement. While bringing joyful music to the streets of Fremont, Bloco Pacifico will also visually bring to life one of the greatest gifts in the Pacific Northwest—the interconnected web of life that springs from water. The Flow of Water represents the cycle of life that feeds, nurtures, and surrounds us all.

Bloco Pacifico, a Brazilian music and dance collective representing the Western United States and Canada, has gathered to lead or close the Fremont Solstice Parade since 2012. We play Community Samba—a world-wide musical, artistic, and cultural movement based on the principles of openness, inclusion, diversity, cultural identity, generous hospitality, and a shared love of Brazilian-based rhythms, dance, and song. The great success of this annual gathering has helped Bloco Pacifico grow into one of the largest gatherings of community musicians and dancers playing on the West Coast.

Green New Deal
Project Director: 350 Seattle

An inviting and participatory representation of the Green New Deal, whose time has come! We will have a float with a giant scales with ropes to pull on to tip the scales from the red, with a depiction of polluting refineries, etc. on the heavy oily side, to Green depicted as sustainable energy and communities. Two giant green hands in smaller carts will come together to shake each other, making a green deal. Beautiful batik banners will depict the emerging healthy life force and other beautiful and powerful images, props, and music to bring the Green New Deal to life.  We will invite audience participation by having many characters that  will run around shaking the audience hands and encouraging young people to run out and add their weight to the scales to tip the scales to the Green side. 

Good vs. Evil

Project Director: Randall Alberda

The float will two horses rocking abreast of each other. The horses would be rocked as horse riders do and have a competition. There would be an armature connected to the sides of the Horses, with two persons rocking the horses and a middle person pushing the float. Speakers play an “evil” song, followed by a “good” song.  Bike wheels allow for overall movement, the front wheels pivot to provide steering.

Muirgan, the Mermaid and the Barnacle Babes
Project Director: Marilyn Kurka

Muirgan, the Mermaid will travel on Kinetic Sculpture Plan DD accompanied by a host of sash-saying mermaids!  Our dance ensemble has began practice to our parody of the song “My Drag” by Squirrel Nut Zippers. We always encourage crowd members to join our dance and come along with the fun!  

Mythical Creatures
Project Director: Kiymbah Tytania and Sarah Lovett

This pair of Mythical Creatures wander the world together, floating around, playing with others and interacting with the crowd.  When the pair come together, they create a magical gate, which people are encouraged to walk through. The intention is a transformational experience into a magical world.  Roving Mythical costumed characters will parade with these giant creatures, creating a world within the world of the Solstice Parade.

Project Director: Stay Happy Collective

Imagine if you can open a door to another time, place, planet, heaven or setting in your life. What does that look like for you? How does it make you feel? What do smell? Can you taste it? What do you hear? How do communicate? Who are you with? Portals is an interactive play of space, place and time. There will be 6 “D” zones that will have “Portals” that anyone can play with. Maybe it’s a time machine, maybe you’re entering a home, maybe you want to exit and enter to another place you never been. This installation at Gas Works Park allows the participants to explore their curiosity and imagination.

Seattle’s Origami Crane Installation
Project Director:  Brittani Anglin

Environmentally Conscious Peace Crane Installation and Notoriety Community Building.  Allows spaces we are free to celebrate, create harmony, break barriers and come together in safe and agreeable spaces. We are the solution for positive change. When you see the piece head on, you will see a clear path. At the beginning of the path to the Left & Right will be 3 long strands of Cranes from “ceiling” to floor; Hallway of origami cranes.  The Path: It’s meant to walk through, and bring people together to experience, to take a million selfies. ​Installation will be @ Gas Works Park. People can walk on the pathway, either side of them are gorgeous curtains of cranes. 

Tie Dye Kazoo Marching Band
Project Director:  Leah Papernick

The intention of this ensemble is to make it as accessible to participation as possible.  Our Tie-Dye Kazoo Marching band is exactly what the name implies.  We’ll be wearing tie-dye for a somewhat unified, colorful, and very fun visual look.  Our musical instruments will be Kazoos, and maybe the occasional toy drum. Some people will have practiced a bit before the parade, but others are welcome to join us last-minute.  We are also hoping to bring extra kazoos and tie-dye apparel with us during the parade to encourage spectators to become participants. Songs will be upbeat, familiar and easy to learn on-the-fly

{photo: J. Tymczyszyn, 2018}

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