Parade Volunteers Make it Happen!

The Fremont Solstice Parade is run strictly on volunteer power!   This event couldn’t happen each and every year without the support and dedication of volunteers!

This year, we invite you to become a part of this unique experience.

The parade needs volunteers to help out both pre-parade and during the actual event.

  • Help is needed right now hosting parade art workshops.
  • Drop by the powerhouse for a workshop or open studio and help build parade art.
  • On parade day lots of help is needed:  be a Parade Monitor, help in Hospitality, Registration Check-In, or help in other ways!

There are so many things to do, to get ready for the Solstice Parade, Saturday June 22nd.

Many hands make a fantastic, fabulous parade!

Go to our volunteer sign-up or email: to let us know how you’d like to help.

As a Thank You for all of your hard work, we host a Volunteer Appreciation Party after the Parade where we treat you to some refreshments and revel in the success of another Solstice!

Thank you and see you at the Parade!


Who’s in the Parade? 2019

Check out who’s signed up so far!   How about you?   Everyone is an Artist!  Click here to find out how you can:  Be in the Parade!

  • Alice in Wonderland. West Coast Kickball League. We will have a giant Chesire Cat and other magical characters.
  • Ancient Egypt. The over 40 crowd taps into its inner ancient Egyptian. Egyptian Kings, Queens, Pharaohs, and Sphinxes.
  • Belltown Dancers. Dance fitness students from Belltown Dance Studio.
  • BF Day Sun Dragons.  The Sun Dragons of B.F. Day Elementary celebrate the longest day of the year.
  • Boot Boogie Babes, Seattle’s Line Dance Team.  The Boot Boogie Babes have gained world-wide popularity with their unique brand of line dancing”.  We provide a safe space for women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds to find personal growth through dance and friendships! This is our 6th year in the parade and our absolute favorite event we do every year! Thanks for having us again!
  • Bullish. Ferdinand the Bull -esque, inflatable bull with people to lead him, as flowers/bulls/matadors
  • Bureau of Alien Interactions. Death by Heat: An orca skeleton frame supported by internal balloons. The Hindenburg dies in sudden fire. The orca dies in slow warming.
  • Carnival is Color.  Seattle Steel Pan Project is a multi-cultural, multi-generational Caribbean steel drum ensemble based in Seattle.  The music being played today is both from Trinidad and Brazil.
  • Cascadia Ensemble.  We would like to create a mythical creature float & ensemble – partnering with several groups, with a few fun workshops leading up to the day of, and lots of work also taking place in the week of.
  • Extinction Rebellion. Extinction Rebellion calls for peaceful direct action to address the climate breakdown and extinction crisis.
  • Flow of Water.  Bloco Pacifico.  The stories of Seattle are the stories of water: Our mountains are shaped by water, with glaciers and fields of snow. The life of Seattle is the cycle of water itself; clouds, rain, rivers, and seas. Bloco Pacifico seeks to embody and embrace that wellspring of excitement while bringing joyful music to the streets of Fremont. Bloco Pacifico, a Brazilian music and dance collective plays Community Samba—a world-wide musical, artistic, and cultural movement based on the principles of openness, inclusion, diversity, cultural identity, generous hospitality, and a shared love of Brazilian-based rhythms, dance, and song.
  • Flower Ladies. The flower ladies wear huge flower hats and dance like fools.
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Seattle Pastafarians.
  • Green Hat Rats!  Brought to us by the Rat City Roller Girls.  Fill the Green Hat and support the Parade!   These folks put the “fun” in fundraising!  Support from our friends makes it possible to keep the parade coming back.   Be sure to make a donation to help fill the Green Hat!
  • Good vs. Evil.  The float will two horses rocking abreast of each other. The horses would be rocked as horse riders do and have a competition. There would be an armature connected to the sides of the Horses, with two persons rocking the horses and a middle person pushing the float.
  • HonkFest All-Stars.  We are a collection of musicians in various Honkfest bands. We will be playing at the gay pride fest as well.
  • Kasvot Växt. Scandinavian progressive rock band Kasvot Växt and super fans.
  • Muirgan, the Mermaid and the Barnacle Babes.  (The Great Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Sculpture Race). Muirgan, the Mermaid will travel on Kinetic Sculpture Plan DD accompanied by a host of sash-saying mermaids! Mermaids dancing through the parade, along with kinetic sculptures Mermaid, Man Eating Clam, Spaghetti Monster and Sea Anemone Number #1.  We always encourage crowd members to join our dance and come along with the fun!
  • Mythical Creatures.  This pair of Mythical Creatures wander the world together, floating around, playing with others and interacting with the crowd.  When the pair come together, they create a magical gate, which people are encouraged to walk through. The intention is a transformational experience into a magical world.  Roving Mythical costumed characters will parade with these giant creatures, creating a world within the world of the Solstice Parade.
  • Rainbow City Marching Band and Spin OUT. A non-profit community band consisting of LGBTQ and allied musicians who come together to perform in the Pacific Northwest, bringing the joy of music, energy, and Pride.  Founded in 1998 to promote acceptance and awareness of the LGBTQ community. We foster music education, community building, social service and friendships. RCB is led by Artistic Director Timothy V. Norris, Jr. With our color guard, spinOUT, we aim to make music, make friends, make a difference and always make it better. #BetterWithTheBand
  • Samba OlyWa. A groovin’ community samba band from Olympia!
  • Savoy Swing Club Performance Troupe. We are experienced swing dancers who perform dances from the 20s to the 40s. We perform at Folklife every year. The group has been dancing for many years, are a non-profit, and would love to be part of the Parade!
  • Seattle for a Green New Deal.  350 Seattle. The Green New Deal, whose time has come! A giant scales with ropes to pull on to tip the scales from the red, with polluting refineries, etc. on the heavy oily side, to Green depicted as sustainable energy and communities. Two giant green hands in smaller carts will come together to shake each other, making a green deal. Beautiful batik banners will depict the emerging healthy life force and other beautiful and powerful images, props, and music to bring the Green New Deal to life.
  • Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence the Abbey of St. Joan.
  • Sky Writers
  • Sunflower Brigade. Bees and sunflowers buzzing around.
  • Tie Dye Kazoo Marching Band. The intention of this ensemble is to make it as accessible to participation as possible. We’ll be wearing tie-dye for a somewhat unified, colorful, and very fun visual look.  Our musical instruments will be Kazoos, and maybe the occasional toy drum. Some people will have practiced a bit before the parade, but others are welcome to join us last-minute.  We are also hoping to bring extra kazoos and tie-dye apparel with us during the parade to encourage spectators to become participants. Songs will be upbeat, familiar and easy to learn on-the-fly. We’ll be Tie-Dyeing shirts for our ensemble! Join us! Check us out on Facebook.
  • Vam Studios.
  • Walk of the Horned God. Several people, one dressed as Horned God to celebrate solstice and others dressed as fawns to show our love of the Horned God.
  • We Won’t Go Back.  Refuse Facism. Abortion on Demand – We Won’t Go Back!

(follow us to Gasworks Park or more fun!)


Be in the Parade!

Would you like to be in the parade?

Everyone is welcome to be in the Fremont Solstice Parade on June 22.   You can be in the parade by joining an ensemble or starting your own.  It’s time to get started on your ensemble and your costume, join in the fun and help make the 2019 Fremont Solstice Parade and Celebration awesome!

ENSEMBLES are groups of 5 or more parade participants, or those wanting to include a float, large puppet, or have music/sound. We ask all ensembles and participants to let us know.  Please register to be in the parade here!

DON’T HAVE AN ENSEMBLE? Don’t worry, there are plenty of people looking to add bodies to their parade happening! Stop by the powerhouse for sign-up lists, to ask questions or to just get involved.

FIND OUT all you need to know about being in the parade here.    SIGN UP on our parade registration page.

Parade Participation Rules are few & simple:
  No printed words or logos   No live animals (except guide animals)   No motorized vehicles   No actual weapons or fire

DON’T FEEL LIKE DRESSING UP? The Fremont Solstice Parade is run strictly on volunteer power. Be a parade monitor, work registration, or  work in the powerhouse to help build floats.   Volunteers have the best seat in the house!!   Sign up to Volunteer here.

QUESTIONS: contact