Why join the FAC?

First and foremost to support the artistic talent that keeps Fremont vibrant and at the center of the Universe. Also did we mention:

  • Use of the wonderful Powerhouse, a workspace for art open to all members
  • An invitation to the members only fantastic, spiritual, artistic celebration of Winter Feast

How can you not want to joindonate, or volunteer to help artistic spirit of Fremont thrive in Fremont, and throughout Seattle.  Your artistic energy and support is what keeps the FAC alive!

Parade Poster Release 2015

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shellNO Campaign

Great article in this week’s SLOG about the work happening at the Powerhouse Community Art Studio for the shellNO protest May 16-18. It is a great look into how art & activism can intersect and allow people to get involved. Visit the website to learn more about the protest and add your voice to the people-powered resistance this weekend.