Solstice Appreciation Party

Fremont Solstice Parade Participants & Volunteers

Let’s get together & celebrate our accomplishments!

You are all amazing and we’d like to get together, have a little nosh & celebrate each other.
Meet us at the Fremont Abbey
Friday June 25th

Bring: food to share
your festive self
utensils/plates/glasses & any eating accoutrements (its pack it in/out!)

We’ll watch some parade footage, have some prizes, & talk about fun parade moments.

See you there!

This party is sponsored in part by Fremont Abbey Arts Center.

Solstice Painted Cyclists

If your interested in learning more about the

Solstice Painted Cyclists,

they have just updated their page:

Ice Queens at Gallery 110

Not only will you see the Ice Queens in their new incarnation at this years 22nd Annual Fremont Solstice Parade on June 19th, but you can catch them again at PULP at Gallery 110 at the end of the month.

photo by John Cornicello