Painted Cyclists

The painted cyclists are a beloved part of the Solstice Parade.  The paint party is a separate group of organizers that the Fremont Arts Council collaborates with.  To find out how to join their ranks, visit their website at

This year we are requesting that people who want to ride check in at the “paint party” even if they are painting themselves. There, they will learn the road safety rules, and corral up to be launched into the streets for the Fremont Solstice Parade.

Please be advised that riders will not be wearing clothes and full nudity is to be expected.  Cyclists are required to be painted and costumed for the ride. Most are. The Parade is not a nudist event, it is an Art event that recognizes the human body as a canvas and the joy of riding as a part of our community’s creative expression. Respect and Celebration is the main vibe.

The Fremont Arts Council supports a policy of No Lewd, Offensive, Obscene, or Otherwise Objectionable behavior. Anyone watching the parade who experiences such behavior is welcome to request assistance from a parade monitor, or contact the police directly.

The rules of the parade are: no written words/logos, no live animals, no motorized vehicles including electric, and no real weapons.  In this spirit, we also ask you decorate your bike to cover any large words/logos.  And, no motorized bicycles.

If you plan to ride as a painted cyclist in 2018, we encourage you to show your support for the Fremont Solstice Parade. Please make a generous donation to help cover the enormous cost of making this awesome community spectacle possible.

{Photo by M. Freedman 2013}