Parade Line-up 2018

2018 Fremont Solstice Parade Line-up!

Cabiri.  The Cabiri has been part of the Fremont arts scene since 1998, bringing their colorful, mythology-based contemporary circus theater performances to life throughout the Pacific Northwest. Visit them at their new home – Arcadia – in the Frēlard neighborhood where you can take cultural, art, dance, and aerial classes.

Girasol.  Veteran Samba float!  A tradition in the Fremont Solstice Parade since 1994, dancing samba and embodying the joyful celebration of life that is the Brazilian Carnaval!

Green Hat.  Fill the Green Hat and support the Parade!  In celebration of the Fremont Solstice Parade turning 30, the Green Hat Ensemble is flashing back to when it all began…1989!  These folks put the “fun” in fundraising, and put their 80’s on!  Support from our friends makes it possible to keep the parade coming back.   Be sure to make a donation to help fill the Green Hat!

Boot Boogie Babes.  Seattle’s Line Dance Team enjoys spreading the love of dance and country music all over the Puget Sound through performance and fun line dance classes! Fremont Solstice Parade is one of our favorite events every year!

BF Day Sun Dragons.  B.F.Day Sun Dragons are students from B.F. Day Elementary school. Students range from Pre-K to 5th grade. They are walking with two amazing child controlled dragon puppets decorated with dragon scales designed by the almost 300 B.F. Day students.

Pink Zebra Cheerleaders.  Pink Zebra Cheerleaders are community cheerleaders dedicated to volunteering thier time to give back to our conmunities and cheer for local youth sports organizations.

Our Beginning.  Pre-schoolers!

Pastafarians.  Pastafarians celebrate the Spaghetti Monster creator of the universe.

Shamaniacs.  Theme: The ocean and emergence of life. The Shamaniacs playing original music on the float.

Belltown Dance Studio.  Dance Fitness


350 Seattle: Cool Earth!   (McKay Award Winner) A flat dirty earth pulled by pasty corporate executives. Followed by our future beautiful, life-rich “Cool World” displaying elements of a socially just and sustainable planet; All surrounded by a costumed crew celebrating clean water, healthy salmon, an orca pod and sunflower dance team.

CascadiaNow.  CascadiaNow Contingent of Trees

Steamrats: Technological Terrors.  (McKay Award Winner) The Seattle Steamrats present our Giant Steamrat Robot Float as a whimsical caution against unbridled lust for technology. Unrestrained, our technology will turn against us- be it with global warming, bioengineered disease, or terrifyingly efficient weapons. Will we choose to use technology wisely, or will it destroy us all to gnaw on our bones? The robot rat symbolizes the runaway technology, followed by its high priestess and supplicants in blind veneration.

Juanita Revolucion and the Pollination Revolution.  (McKay Award winner).  Queen Bee Juanita and her bouquet of dancing wildflowers taking their message of the importance of weeds, flowers, and bees! While Juanita preaches her message of bee love and flower power, beautiful weeds in blooming costumes surround her for their pollination revolution and passing out packets of bee-friendly wildflowers to the crowd.

Cosplay for Philanthropy.  We have large ball gown princess costumes and will be representing the WA based, Seattle servicing non-profit Cosplay for Philanthropy

Seattle Women’s Steel Pan Project: Tides of Change.  (McKay Award winner) The Seattle Women’s Steel Pan Project is a multi generational multi cultural all women’s steel pan band dedicated to creating opportunities for women and girls to learn how to play music. Based out of the MLK Community Center and founded in 2013.

Ra Hoor Crewe/Horizon Lodge.  Ecstatic Thelemites marching for Love Under WIll

Paradisiax Parasol Project.  (McKay Award winner) A triple parasol on a tripod of steel poles powered by tricycles. Along with the “floating” giant parasols will be a marching band and pollinators such as bees, flowers and butterflies with personal parasols, pinwheels and pennants as the parasols parade by.

Maiden Flight.  Feel yourself floating into the sky on a balloon to discover a lucid dreamlike world.

The Great Port Townsend Kinetic Sculpture Race: Super Moi.  (McKay Award winner) Our team, the IPA(Intergalactic Pussy Alliance,) will be with us as Super Moi! Super Moi is a team theme to transition from the IPA to Super Hero’s by discovering and highlighting the super hero trait within. 7’6” tall Muppets that are ventriloquist driven, fully poseable and have roller blades wheels on feet will race and parade up and down the parade.

Free Speech.  Tribute to Colin Kaepernick – free speech is not just for white supremacists

Samba OlyWa.  Groovin’ Olympia Samba band

Tank Team Orange.  The vaunted military parade for our fearless peerless leader. Note the marmalade colored tank skins that bring to mind the delicate skin tones of the commander in chief. The tanks have wind up keys to make them ever so much easier to play with. ANd finally, in order to guarantee a successful mission time after time, each tank will be commanded by Donald Trump himself!

Guns R Us. This ensemble speaks about the absurd relationship America has with guns.

Rainbow City Band with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  A big thank you to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for keeping the band hydrated and happy!

Rainbow City Band was founded in 1998 to promote acceptance and awareness of the LGBTQ community. We foster music education, community building, social service and friendships. With SpinOUT, our Color Guard, we perform in parades and festival all around the PNW. Our mission is to make music, make friends, and make a difference!

Stick Pony Brigade.  Horse maneuvers

VAM in Performance- VIPs.  VAM Studios – School of Dance is located across from the Fremont Library, they have classes in tap, ballet, contemporary, musical theater, and jazz. VAM has the largest adult tap dance program in Seattle! Welcome VAM’s youth performance group -VIP’s!

Solstice Bubble Fairies.  Solstice Bubble Fairies are here to spread bubble cheer to the young and young at heart!

Bloco Pacifico: Garden of Life.  (McKay Award winner) Through music, dance, and creative costumery, our band is hoping to inspire feelings of joy, celebration, and connection in the community (human, plant, and animal). Our drummers will represent a vibrant field of lavender, each flower adding to the music of the garden, while our dancers will transform into bees, pollinating the ranks of drummers and dancing their joyous bee-dances throughout the garden.  This year’s musical arrangement is being composed by a world-renowned Brazilian samba musician and teacher, Eduardo “Dudu” Fuentes. We’re lucky to have the chance to collaborate with Dudu, who plays with some of the most acclaimed samba schools in Rio de Janeiro—Unidos da Tijuca and Portela—as well as teaching around the world. With VamoLá’s input, Dudu has developed two pieces just for this parade.

JoiBoi Deva Puppets.  (McKay Award winner)  Two giant puppets that celebrate their joy with an interactive swirling dance. It’s all about play and having fun and being in amusement. The puppets draw form from imaginary devic creatures that aim to the delight children –fairies & unicorns are not foreign to these creatures. This is a fluid movement, these are Devas of the air and water. They dance and float above the street and above the crowd. It can be about release being as natural as water dropping from a cloud.

Cloudy with a Chance of Rainbows.  A sinister storm cloud and his gang try to rain on the parade but are foiled Sunshine and her rainbow warriors!


(follow us to Gasworks Park or more fun!)


{photo G. Shaw, 2017}

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