Be in the Parade

There are many different opportunities to get involved and take to the streets on Parade day. Create a unique ensemble, reserve a float, bring your marching band or dance group, volunteer in costume, and help make the Parade a full and vibrant success! There will also be many opportunities to join ensembles that are looking for bodies. More information on that to come! Please be sure to register so we know you're coming. Donations are warmly welcomed to support our antics.


The Fremont Solstice Parade's unique character is defined by a few simple rules:

☼  No printed words or logos:
Please do not wear your team jersey or a t-shirt with words printed on it. We ask that you do not carry signage identifying your crew during the parade. Also, please do not pass out handbills or flyers to the crowds during the parade. Your group will be identified in our publications, website, and will be announced to the crowds as you pass by in parade.
☼  No live animals (except guide animals): Please leave your pets at home for this event. We ask that no animals join the parade for both safety and sanitation of the parade route.
☼  No motorized vehicles:
We allow motorized vehicles for handicapped access only. Our parade is a human-powered parade!
☼  No actual weapons or
fire: Safety first!

Take a look! Drop by the Powerhouse and join in! ....

{Photo by B. Smith 2014} {video by J. Dwyer-Lindgren, 2015}