Float Reservations

The Fremont Arts Council (FAC) maintains a fleet of float-bodies, free for use by the community.  FAC will ensure that wheels, push-bars, and top-decks are in good working order.

The float bodies are FREE to use, but require a $500 check deposit and you must be a member of the Fremont Arts Council. The deposit will be returned to you at the end of the parade, after the floats have been returned to storage.

We encourage groups and ensembles to create something outrageous.  No experience necessary.  We have staff to help with consultation (but you have to build it!) Floats may be built at the Powerhouse Studio, or off-site at your location.  If you plan to build your float off-site, you must first make arrangements with the Parade Director for moving your float into place at line-up on Friday night before the Parade.

If you plan to use a float-body for the parade, you are responsible for:
1. Providing a check, made in the amount of $500 to Fremont Arts Council, as deposit.
2. Being a member of the FAC.
3. Moving the float-bodies, with the team, from the storage site to the Powerhouse.
4. Designing and building your float.
5. Ensuring your float is ready and has pushers in place for the Moonlight Float Move to the staging area on Friday night.
6. Tearing down all structures/additions to the float-body after the parade.
7. Moving the float-bodies, with the team, back to the storage site.
8. Keeping your float dimension no more 13 ft. high (unless it has lowering capability.  This is to avoid power lines and street signals) and 12 ft. across (to fit within one car lane.)

All elements of the float design, installation, and costs of building, are the bailiwick of the ensemble.
FAC reserves the right to conduct and pass a safety inspection of any aspect of your float.
You can build all sorts of whatever on your float, but the float-body must be returned to its original condition at the end of the parade (change of paint is OK).
It is the responsibility of the ensemble to breakdown the float and to move the float bodies to storage.  Float clean up begins at 2PM on Sunday after the parade.
People arriving with trucks for towing floats receive foot-massage coupons; ask for it!

All deposits are secured by FAC Treasurer until the day after the Parade, when the last float body has been stowed into storage at Sunday Clean-up.

Deposits will NOT be returned if:
1. Your team fails to meet the terms listed above, or to help put the floats back into storage.
2. You fail to notify the Director by June 6 that you are not going to use the float body.

To get started: contact parade@fremontartscouncil.org

And, be sure to register your ensemble!