Parade FAQs

When is the Fremont Solstice Parade?

The Fremont Solstice Parade happens each year on the Saturday closest the day of the Solstice. The 2017 Parade is happening earlier this year.  Please note the parade will begin at 1pm.

Can I be in the parade?

Everyone is welcome to join the parade. You can be in the parade by joining an ensemble or volunteering with the FAC. There are many groups seeking volunteers and participants. More info to come! You can come by the Powerhouse during open studio hours to find out how to get involved as well.

What are the rules for the Solstice Parade?

There are only a few simple rules for Parade
☼ No printed words or logos
☼ No live animals (except guide animals)
☼ No motorized vehicles
☼ No actual weapons or fire

How do I register to be in the parade?

Ensembles are groups of 5 or more parade participants, or those wanting to include a float, large puppet, or have music/sound. We ask all ensembles to register for the parade using the Parade Registration Form which is available the April before the Parade. We suggest a small donation for parade participants, this helps support the parade.  Ensemble leads register for free -- and they give us essential information so that we can sort out logistics, stay in touch and make sure we place your ensemble in a good place in the line-up. One member of your group should be a paid member of the FAC.

How do I join the Solstice Cyclists?

The painted cyclists that ride at the start of the Fremont Solstice Parade are loosely organized by the Solstice Cyclists. Each year, the Solstice Cyclists host a painting party and then ride out together as a big colorful mass.  We ask painted cyclists to register and make a donation to support the cost of the parade.  

Can I hand out flyers when I am in the Parade?

Flyers have printed words and they also become garbage along the parade route, so, Please, no flyers! This is a parade about artistic expression, we encourage you to find a visual way to convey things without use of words or logos.

Can I wear my team jersey in the parade?

Please, no words or logos. This is a parade about artistic expression, we encourage you to find a visual way to convey your message without use of words or logos.

Where does all the magic get created?

At the Powerhouse Community Art Studio! In the month before the Parade we will be offering workshops and open house hours. Check the powerhouse calendar for details.  Our studio is open to all members during the year.

Can I take a class to learn parade art techniques?

We have many opportunities to learn parade art techniques, more information about dates and classes will be available soon on the powerhouse calendar!

Can I bring my kids to the parade?

Are you kidding, we love kids! The Fremont Solstice Parade is for children of all ages! Please be aware that there will be people with painted bodies and trace amounts of clothing during the parade. (The Fremont Arts Council does not support overt nudity in our parade, nor do we tolerate lewd behavior of any kind.)

How can I help the parade be successful?

There are many ways to get involved with the Fremont Solstice Parade! We have many volunteer opportunities available before, during, and after the parade.  And of course, donations are always welcome!

I want to take photographs, what do I need to do?

Everyone is invited to photograph from the sidewalk or safe viewing area. The Fremont Arts Council will issue Photographers (Press) Passes to a limited number of photographers. If you're interested in obtaining a press pass check out our Photography and Video page!

What can I expect parade day?

Parking is very limited in the Fremont area during this event. We encourage you to plan ahead: make time to park & walk, ride your bike, take the bus, or carpool. Wear sunscreen, & bring water with you. Expect the unexpected!

Is there any way I can help after the parade?

The day after the parade we have two simultaneous crews working! We break down the beautiful floats (sad, but true!) and begin cleaning up the Power House. Join us in the Gas Works parking lot the Sunday after the Parade at 12noon for the work party to put the floats to rest in storage for another year. For lighter duty work & for organizer types, come to the Power House Clean Up, at 3940 Fremont Ave 12noon.   Let us know you'd like to volunteer, or just drop by and lend a hand!.

How do I become a member?

Its so easy to become a member! We encourage everyone to become a member of the Fremont Arts Council and support creating art & creating community all around the region. Remember Fremont is a state of mind, not a zip code. Making art is fun, but making art & creating community is imperative! Join us today and celebrate all the seasons with this merry band of trolls.

I have more questions ~ who should I talk to?

Please email with questions or call the Power House at 206-547-7440.