Photography & Video

The Fremont Solstice Parade is a production of the Fremont Art Council (FAC) which licenses and owns all content produced in the parade. Our goal is to develop a positive working relationship with media artists and photographers who like to document (shoot) our Parade.

All photographers wishing to obtain a Press Pass Must:
Attend a photo meeting at the Powerhouse on the Saturday before the parade from 9-10am
Read the information on this page, and then fill out the application below

There will be 50 press passes offered to photographers who wish to be in the street during the parade. Photographs are reviewed each year by a committee that selects the best shots.  Photographers sharing high quality photographs from the previous year and earning an “A” grade will be offered passes this year.

The remaining number of passes are offered on a “first-come, first-serve” basis to amateur and professional photographers attending the photographer safety meeting.

Photographers who are traveling with an ensemble must also attend the safety meeting and obtain a pass in order to shoot while in the street, but are not counted in the pool of 50 “roaming” photographers.

Press Passes are ONLY distributed to eligible photographers on parade day, at the Registration table!

Parade Photography Guidelines

Follow the instructions of the parade monitors.
Follow all official parade rules, including no printed logos or words on your clothing or costume.
Do not obstruct the view of spectators watching the parade from their positions on the side of the parade route.
Do not obstruct, interfere with, or get in the way of parade ensembles, bands, floats or impede their progression along parade route.
Do not to interfere with the performer’s freedom of movement and be aware of their need for adequate space to safely do their performances.
You are photographing AT YOUR OWN RISK. Everyone in the parade is wrapped in the ecstasy of artful human expression. THEY ARE NOT WATCHING OUT FOR YOU.
Costumes are encouraged; you are within the theater after all, make the most of it!
Act in a courteous, respectful and professional manner while being near, and around the parade.
Respect and abide by all local and federal laws.

After the Parade

No later than July 30:  Send a copy of your 25 best photos to In exchange for your press pass, you must send full resolution .JPG files of 25 of your best photos (you choose) to the FAC with a non-exclusive license (signed when picking up your pass) to use these photos to document, market and promote the parade, or the Fremont Arts Council, and for use in outreach materials on the web or in printed materials. We will credit all photographers when we use your work. More details about sharing your photos is here.[/toggle]

If you intend to shoot video of the parade, you must attend the photographers meeting on June 9 at 9am. If you are roaming with your camera, you will be awarded a pass in the same manner as other photographers. If you intend to shoot from ONE location during the parade, you must check in with our Safety Director after the meeting to arrange for a position on the street.  If you are shooting video, and expect editing time may take longer than the grace period allowed for still photos, please contact us to arrange another timeline for your submission(s). If you’d rather not grant the FAC these non-exclusive rights or share your photos/film, we understand. You are welcome to shoot from the sidewalk. Thank you for your cooperation.

To apply for a 2019 Photographer Press Pass:  Click “Register” Below:

{Photo by C. Yetter 2012}