Please fill out our survey – Fremont Arts Council: The Future

Survey Link: FAC Community Survey

In response to a growing need to restructure and determine the future of the FAC, we’re reaching out to our community to point us forward!

This organization has been a scrappy, sequined, colorful, whimsical, disorganized and creative force for 3 decades! During that time, leadership has come and gone, and our neighborhood has seen huge changes and gentrification. Artists don’t necessarily live in Fremont anymore! And, our world is not the same as it was with the birth of the FAC. The largest racial justice movement in the history of the United States is happening. The world is shut down due to a pandemic. Where does that leave us?

That’s where you come in. We’ want to keep making the arts public – but we are hoping to move towards a more relevant, community-responsive, and flexible model that supports and engages artists (and we believe everyone is an artist!). In order to move forward, we need to reconnect to the Seattle arts community at large. Give us some honest feedback here, because that will determine how and if we move forward.

If we need to tear it all down to build it back up, we’re willing to do that. Tell us everything: the good, the bad and the troll-like.

Creatively yours,

The Current Fremont Arts Council Board

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