Donate: Hammers & Baubles

The Powerhouse Community Art Studio is free for public use during open studio hours.

While cash donations help us buy supplies and materials for the studio, we rely on “found objects”  or donated materials to create fantastical art for the Fremont Solstice Parade.  We can’t make all this great art without stuff!

Please DO NOT MAKE DONATIONS unless the studio is open w/ a staff person on site. We have limited storage and can only take materials that we have use for.  Dropping materials without consent is considered DUMPING ~ please don’t be dumpy!

Please see below for a list of materials we regularly accept.  Don’t see your items on this list? Please contact us to confirm we are able to accept the donation.  To arrange a time for drop off, please contact us at

Materials Accepted

  • Paper: Brown paper bags,  rolls of construction paper, tissue paper, colored craft paper, white sheet paper, butcher block paper.
  • Cardboard: 4’x4’ or larger only. Single-ply is best.
  • Large pieces of fabric: Especially, solid colors, pho fur, pleather, knits and sparkle fabrics (none smaller than 3 yards).  
  • Flat sheets: Old Hotel work great, ask the Head of Housekeeping
  • Spent Bicycle Tubes: Oh! Rubber Tie! What can’t you do?
  • Bright, rich, deep colored, LATEX paints.  (we have a lot of this, so please ask first!)
  • Scissors- kids and adults
  • Sparkles: Glitter, sequins, jewels, feathers, flowers (help us put the “Fance in fancy!)
  • Colored markers:  preferably permanent, paint or fabric markers
  • Tape: duct, masking,  electrical, packing:  anything for hoops is great!
  • Electric Hot-Pot:  1/2 gal. size
  • Rope: untangled and clean in long lengths
  • Tarps: clean and crisp, almost new!
  • Bamboo: poles & rods:  Over 8′ only
  • Wood: Plywood – 4’x4’ min., 2×4 – 6’ min., 2×2 – 4’ min.  (Other sizes are not so useful.)
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, sponges, clean & cut rags
  • Socket sets with handles:  fence set-up is much easier with several of these
  • Other hand tools:  hammers, measuring tape, wire cutters, screwdrivers (flat and Philips) box knives, etc.

Have something we cannot accept? 

Artists in King County can drop off their waste like art materials at our Household Hazardous Waste collection sites for free. 

Another helpful place is King County Solid Waste“what do I do with it?” on the website.  

Household hazards line  ask our experts how to best dispose of items:  206-296-4692

In-Kind Donations

Do you have goods or services that would be beneficial in helping us bring the community together through art?  Everyone is welcome to share what they do best!  We appreciate all kinds of donations from massages for tired workers to food donations from restaurant. Learn more about becoming a sponsor here.

{Photo by D. Valente 2013}