Resources for Social Justice

Resources for Social Justice

The FAC Board recognizes that we are all at different points on this journey toward racial equity. We are asking our members to join us with education and sharing. The Board is currently reading, watching and following: 


The FAC Board is endorsing the following petitions and ask our members to sign in solidarity:




Social Media

Seattle and Puget Sound centric organizations and leaders on Instagram

@nikkitaoliver (Seattle Attorney / Artist)

@ijeomaoluo (Seattle Writer)

@theslacktivists (Education Hub)

@KingCountyEquityNow (Organizations Hub)

@wa_bloc (Social Justice Leadership)

@africatownsea (African diaspora in Seattle)

@blklivesmatter (BLM Network)

Other Resources

Educate yourself on what it means to be an ally and how we as individuals and as an organization can help. Share it with your friends.