~ Thank you! 2010 Solstice Parade Participants & Volunteers ~

Words can only express a smidgen of the gratitude we have for our volunteers and participants of the Fremont Solstice Parade.

Each and every one of you, in whatever way you participated, helped us make this beautiful episode in street theater come to life.


Here is a short list of some special people we want to recognize for their stellar involvement during the 2010 Fremont Solstice Parade: (this is in no way a complete list, there are far to many contributors to list everyone!)
Big Thanks to our volunteers who made everything happen so seemlessly, there is NO way we could have accomplished this without you.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!


Leslie Zenz, Solstice Director

Mylinda Sneed, Parade Coordinator

David Marine, Workshop Coordinator

Gyan Davies, Gas Works Coordinator

Laura Baumwell, Fundraising Coordinator

Shawn Murphy, Security Director

Sonia Telesco, SOL & Publications Coordinator

Maque Da Vis, Solstice Float Technician


Susan Harper, Gas Works Stage Coordinator

Dan Boyd, Green Hat & Plumbing Repair-person Extrodinairre

Sky, Drop in Angel (swooped in at the last minute to help accomplish all the tasks!)

Mike Cozad, Monitor Extrodinairre & Tent Maverick

Brenda Wiest & Teamsters 117, Chalk Fairies (teamsters in fairy wings ~ what could be better?)

Jennifer Mahern, Registration Diva Extraordinairre

Shelly Lyons, Fantastic Pit-Go Organizer

Jon Hegeman, So we didn’t have to go in a pit (when our plumbing broke!)

Hank Graham, Photographer Wrangler

Bill Fahey, Workshop Pop

Linda Phelps, Workshop Mom

Simon Neale, Power House Sign Hanger


Thank you to all of our ensembles, you awed, enthralled, & inspired!

There are so many great artists & participants here are just a few who stood out in 2010:

Green Hat Ensemble, Disco for Dollars: Barbara Luecke & Jerry Smith, a record breaking year! They really shook their money makers!

Volcano!: Brian Kooser, Artist in Residence / Welcoming Presence in the Workshop

Yellow Submarine: Norma / Peter / Denise / Lars & all, Best on the Street

Edderkop: Jessica Randall, Best Float Made from Natural & Recycled Materials

Blank Canvas: Most Adversity on Parade Day (& they still finished! You guys ROCK!)

Michael Cepress and his FLOCK OF BIRDS!: Most Interesting & Fun Way to fix a Costume Malfunction on the Parade Route

Having a Ball: Salmon Bay, Best Crowd Interaction (2nd Year in a row!)

Community Partners:

Phil Meaganhart & Philly Hosko, Bold Hat Productions for a smooth Fremont Fair transition & collaboration

Rich Piecora, Piecora’s for a fantastic beer garden

Charles Wright, Wright Brothers Cycle Works for giving our VIP Donors a place to sit, hosting our stage & keeping them all dry (you are awesome!)

Matt Lincecum, Fremont Brewing Company for his generous donation for our participants & volunteer party (Solstice Pale Ale ~ how appropriate! & Yummy!)


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