Trolloween – The Haunt of Fremont

Trolloween, the birthday party for the Fremont Troll, has had a long and illustrious history for of 26 years. Many types of performances and music have celebrated the gatherings. Each year something different is done as a surprise for the costumed revelers, from fire dancing to comedies, satires to parodies.

This year, a new immersive performance is planned; a parody adapted from Jean Giradoux’s play “The Madwoman of Chaillot”, that will involve members of the audience to decide a public trial of the beauty of new buildings rising fast in Fremont, and whether judged good or poor, the resulting conclusion will be bursting with opinions.

The event will start at 7 PM as usual on October 31st at the Fremont Troll. An opening ceremony welcoming the rendering of the veil between our world and the spirit world will be invocated by a local bewitching sorceress. Soon a developer will demand a voice at the gathering, prompting a interruption of the rendering. The developer will demand that the folks leave the area, as new construction is destined to destroy the Fremont Troll and put in more apartments for the rich. And the oil under that Troll will pay all this for from all the vehicles leaking overhead. The rabble will demand a trial and with that the crazy old ladies of Fremont declare themselves the judges, the audience the jury. Many surprising twists are in store.

Following the performance, the Haunt of Fremont winds its way to the Doric Lodge (619 N. 36th St) with lively music outside to keep our booties grooving!”

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{photo by H. Graham 2011}

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