Watch the Parade

The Fremont Solstice Parade

Saturday June 17, 2017

Everybody is Welcome!

The Fremont Solstice Parade is a family friendly, and beloved Seattle event.  We welcome spectators to check out the route map for parade viewing areas and other useful information.  A map of the Fremont area is available HERE.

The street closure along the route occurs at 12:30PM
The Solstice Cyclist Ride will be launched at 12:45PM
The Parade begins at 1PM

Timing and Getting Here: We invite everyone to begin their day early. Parking is scarce and cycling, carpooling or public transportation is advised.   Settle into Fremont; shop the great local businesses; and visit the Fremont Fair before watching the Parade.

Parade map available HERE

Check out the 2017 Parade Line Up

VIP Seating: Make sure you buy seats early! Check out our VIP Seating Page for More Info

Green Hat Donations: During the parade you will see our green hat fundraisers collecting donations for the artistic content of the parade. Every donation is extremely important to help this community event continue to happen. We welcome you to engage with our fundraisers to have fun and give big!

The Solstice Cyclists: The Fremont Solstice Parade welcomes the Solstice Cyclists to ride in our parade. Please be advised that riders will not be wearing clothes and full nudity is to be expected. All cyclists are required to be painted and costumed for the ride. Most are.

The Parade is not a nudist event, it is an Art event that recognizes the human body as a canvas and the joy of riding as a part of our community’s creative expression.
When you come to watch the parade, you will be witnessing a right of passage for many Seattlites, and for many people from all over the globe. Respect and Celebration is the main vibe.

The Fremont Arts Council supports a policy of No Lewd, Offensive, Obscene, or Otherwise Objectionable behavior. Anyone watching the parade who experiences such behavior is welcome to request assistance from a parade monitor, or contact the police directly.

{Photo by H. Graham 2012}

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