About The Fremont Arts Council

Powerhouse photoThe Fremont Arts Council believes that art is essential to the foundation of building a lively spirited community. This is accomplished through stewardship, a sense of belonging and collective participation in the celebratory arts we create as a collective whole.

Our vision is to create a fun Seattle that’s an interesting and beautiful place to live, work and visit.  A city that’s for everyone big or small, professional or beginning artist to cultivate their inspirations.

What We Do?

We use our creativity to build a stronger community allowing art to be an integral part of everyday life. We promote diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds & art forms.

Fremont Solstice Parade and Festival

The Fremont Solstice Parade is the defining event of the Fremont Arts Council (FAC). We celebrate the longest day of the year through profound street theater, public spectacle, and a kaleidoscope of joyous human expression.

We welcome the participation of everyone. However, the FAC reserves the right to control the content presented in the Fremont Solstice Parade.

Our Principles

  • We accept fiscal responsibility.
  • We believe participation and equal access to power is essential.
  • We honor integrity.
  • We respect our work/play space and environment. Recycling is part of our art.
  • We support growth that balances our resources, tradition and intent.
  • We communicate effectively both internally and externally.
  • We believe in each other’s goodwill and working together.

Our Goals

  • To use consensus decision-making and information sharing, so as many people as possible can be involved in the creative process.
  • To import other creative processes, art, and artists to bring a new perspective to our stew of creativity.
  • To export our creative process, art, and artists to other communities to enrich their lives.
  • To endorse personal responsibility and respectful behavior.
  • To empower individuals to discover their creative abilities.
  • To provide a structure that allows for the least amount of bureaucracy and the maximum amount of art making.
  • To insure that these goals are always considered part of a living document, one to which anyone can propose changes.

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